Josephine Binns  (I8834)
Given Names: Josephine
Surname: Binns

Gender: Female Female

Birth: 22 January 1906 Miles Platting, Lancs
Death: 17 February 1989 Wilmslow, Cheshire

Personal Facts and Details
Birth 22 January 1906 Father29Mother24 Miles Platting, Lancs

Marriage 2 October 1926 (Age 20) Albert Shaw - St Marks, Miles Platting

Marriage 1967 (Age 60) Arthur Dudley - Wilmslow, Cheshire

Death 17 February 1989 (Age 83) Wilmslow, Cheshire

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1911 Census at 11 Stamford Road, Longsight, Manchester, grandaughter age 5. Widowed head was W E Binns, age 61
1989 Apr 6 Probate at Manchester of Josephine Dudley late of 38 Oakdene Court, Wilmslow, Cheshire who died 17 Feb 1989. Not exceeding £70000
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Josephine was the first child born in 1906, the year after her parents married.
When she was seven years old she went to school.
Admission registers for Holland Street School confirm the date she was admitted to school as 13th October 1913. The record provides two addresses for Josie, the first was 11 Stamford Street (this should be Road and was the address of Josie's grandfather JG Binns) The second address was 148 Sandal Street, she was not exempted from religous instruction, date of leaving 19/12/1919, standard on leaving 1V, age 14 years
She lived at home with her parents until marriage.
The marriage took place at St Marks Church on 2/10/1926.
Details from marriage certificate which was performed by special licence.
Albert Shaw - 23 - bachelor - traveller - 13 Gorden Rd - John (decd) - publican
Josephine Binns - 20 - spinster - 148 Sandal St - Arthur - engineer
Witnesses Harold and Amy Shaw.
Betty was born in 1929.
They moved to a papershop in the Broughton area after marriage.
Albert did not smoke or drink but Josie was not happy as he enjoyed betting and she was constantly on her own. Family oral history states that she locked Albert in the cellar and picked up baby Betty and left. She found lodgings and then later went back to her mother's home in Sandal St.
Betty was left with her grandmother who brought her up in the early years, so much so that Betty actually thought her grandmother was her mother and on the odd ocassions when Josie came to visit had no idea she was her mother.
Josie went back to her mothers and both herself and Betty stayed there until about 1937 when an argument took place causing them to move to Winnie's in Collyhurst Rd. This is confirmed by Betty's school record which gives this address in addition to 148 Sandal Street. It was also stated that she left Holland Street School because she moved out of the area.
She lodged with a Mrs Jinks on Moston Lane for a time and later had a flat above a shop on Broadway not far from where her sister Winnie lived.
She met Arthur Dudley in the Whitegate on Broadway. They lived together for many years at 56 Culcheth Lane Newton Heath before moving to a mobile home in Wilmslow area.They eventually got married after this move in 1967, in March qtr. The were unable to marry prior to this date as Josie's husband Albert Shaw was still alive. He died in the same qtr as they married.
They stayed at Oversley Ford living in their mobile home for many years and moved into sheltered accommodation in the summer of 1984. Around christmas 1986 Josie was shopping in the village when she stumbled and fell. She suffered a bruised face and black eyes and was hospitalised in Wythenshawe. She tried to claim compensation for the fall but did not get any as the paving she tripped over was not considered high enough to justify a claim. Josie was getting forgetful and having had an argument with Arthur got a taxi to daughter, Betty's. After she had had some tea Betty rang a taxi to take her mother home to her flat and gave the address to the taxi driver. Half way home Josie told the driver she lived in Newton Heath forgetting that she had left there over 20 years earlier. On another ocassion she got the taxi to drop her at Oversley Ford where she lived prior to moving to the sheltered accommodation and was seen by a resident wandering about.]

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5 years

Marriage: 4 March 1905 -- St Philips
11 months
6 years
6 years

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Marriage: 2 October 1926 -- St Marks

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Marriage: 1967 -- Wilmslow