John Binns  (I747)
Surname: Binns
Given Names: John

Gender: Male Male

Birth: about 1849 Colne, Lancs
Death: 17 June 1921 Bury, Lancs

Personal Facts and Details
Birth about 1849 Father28Mother25 Colne, Lancs

MarriageReligious Marriage
7 August 1869 (Age 20) Ellen Rothwell - St Paul, Bury, Lancs

Marriage December 1907 (Age 58) Elizabeth Houghton - Bury, Lancs

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Death 17 June 1921 (Age 72) Bury, Lancs

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1851 Census, son age 3
1861 Census unmarried son age 14, cotton (throstle) doffer.
1865 Burnley Gazette: Jonathan Binns conducting band and choir of 100 persons. Also Mr Binns, trumpet, of Bury
1866 Dec 1 Burnley Gazette: Colne; Concert managed by Jonthan Binns, formerly a resident of this town.[Could be John?]
1869 Sep Q Marriage registered in Bury between John Binns and Ellen Rothwell.
1871 Census married head at 1 Lodge St., Bury, age 22, cotton warper.
1874 Immigration from England at Castle Garden, musician age 25.
1884 Nov 17 Ellis Island entry aboard Aurania, musician from Manchester
1886 Oct 20 John Binns; Former Nationality: English; Birth date 22 Dec 1849; Arrival Date: July 1866; Title and Location of Court: Common Pleas Court, New York County, Volume: 570, Record 164.
1891 Jul 20 Ellis Island entry aboard Alaska, accompanied by wife, son, and daughter.
1895 May 7 Los Angeles Herald, Volume 44, Number 26: Sketch of Binns and Binns on stage.
1896 May 24 Lloyds Weekly: New Gardens at Olympia; Open air entertainment will include Binns and Binns, grotesque comedians
1896 Jun 27 The Era: London Music Halls; Collinss; Messrs Binns and Binns evoke laughter by some decidedly novel expedients, and their performance gains the hearty applause of the audience
1896 Jul 4 The Era: London Music Halls; The London Pavillion; "Binns and Binns from the land of the Stars and Stripes, showed originality in their musical manifestations, their turn being particularly quaint"
1896 Aug 8 The Era: London Music Halls; The Tivoli; "Merriment was general during the time that Binns and Binns occupied the stage"
1896 Sep 2 Ellis Island entry aboard Celtic, age 47, musician accompanied by wife, and two others. US Citizens last resident in London.
1896 Nov 28 The Era: American Music Halls; Proctor's Twenty-third street Theatre, has Binns and Binns, comedians
1896 Dec 26 The Era: Artist booked throughout December at Koster and Bials Music Hall, New York, include Binns And Binns
1897 Apr 24 The Era: London Theatres; The Royal; "Binns and Binns manage to be quietly and unforcedly funny; and their droll business is irresistibly diverting. It is not only their excellent playing upon concertinas, cornets, and posthorns that we admire, but their elaborate dresses and make-ups, their eccentric ideas, and the finish of their facial play"
1897 Jul 10 The Tower Aquatic and Variety Circus, Blackpool: Binns and Binns, Americas Musical ?????
1897 Aug 5 The Times: Appearing at the Empire, London; Binns and Binns
1897 Aug 14 The Era: London Music Halls; The London, Shoreditch; "Messrs Binns and Binns are described as musical tramps. Their entertainment is certainly original and interesting. They play various musical instruments very skilfully. On the much-abused concertina one gives a clever imitation of a church organ and church bells. Popular selections on the violin, the posthorn, and etc., are also given, and these talented performers are deservedly recalled".
1898 Feb 19 The Era: London Canterbury Theatre; Binns and Binns appear on bill with Miss Lily Langtry
1898 Nov 26 The Era: The Ryal, London; “Amongst those who thoroughly succeed in amusing the audiences here are Messrs Binns and Binns, who are described as the “Tramp Kings.” Their performance is quaintly comical, and at the same time they display no inconsiderable ability as musicians. Both wear dilapidated garments, and one is given to dozing in a trick chair that occasionally collapses, waking the slumberer with a start. But this sleepy gentleman when he is awake does some very clever things. For instance he plays simultaneously the piano with his left hand and a concertina with the right. His companion on the last-mentioned instrument gives clever imitations of a church organ, and a notable item is a popular selection of music played on the cornet, concertina, and piano, a boy acting as pianist. A laughable piece of business occurs when the sleeping man is aroused to activity by the clink of a tumbler against a flask containing spirits. Altogether Binns and Binns may be classed as versatile variety performers whose turn affords complete satisfaction.
1900 Mar 17 The Era: Glowing review of Binns and Binns act at the Stratford Empire.
1901 Census married head at 14 Vernon Rd., Clapham, age 52, musician. Also present is Frank Rothwell, age 15, brother in laws son
1904 Nov 30 Departure from Liverpool aboard Oceanic bound for New York.,
1904 Dec 8 Ellis Island entry aboard Oceanic, age 55, musician acCompanied by wife and sons, US Citizens bound for Ashland House, New York City.
1905 Dec 1 Ellis Island entry age 56, muscician with son and daughter in law, US Citizen bound for 34, Telling St., Brooklyn.
1908 Jan 3 Ellis Island entry aboard Celtic, age 59, US Citizen, with wife and sons, going to Colonial Theatre, New York.
1908 Mar 20 Ellis Island entry aboard Lusitania, age 59, musician, US Citizen, with wife Elizabeth and sons.
1908 Nov 20 Ellis Island entry aboard Lusitania, age 59, musician, US Citizen
1910 Jan 15 Atlanta Georgian and News: Binns, Binns, and Binns at the Orpheum
1910 Nov 6 Ellis Island entry aboard Cedric, age 61 years and 10 months, US Citizen going to 1278 East 10th Brooklyn N. Y.
1911 Apr 9 San Francisco Call: Oakland Orpheum; “Binns, Binns, and Binns, who are father Jack, son Joe, and nephew Frank Binns, with fun and melody, are a trio well worth seeing.”
1911 Aug 26 Brisbane Courier: Binns and Binns top the bill at the Tivoli Theatre, Sydney, Australia
1911 Oct 25 Auckland Star: Binns and Binns at Her Majesty's Theatre
1913 Jan 7 Ellis Island entry aboard Carmania, age 64, US Citizen, Naturalized 28 Oct 1886 City Hall, New Jersey, going to 109 W 64th St., New York
1915 Oct 26 Manchester Evening News: Appearing at the Empire, Ardwick Green, Manchester were Joe and Betty Binns (Cause many laughs with comedy and music). Also on programme was Alcide Capitaine.
1915 Dec 13-18: Bristol Hippodrome Joe and Betty Binns on with Alcide Capitaine
1916 Jun 13 Ellis Island entry aboard California, age 67 years and 5 months, US Citizen born Bury, Lancs, musician, relative in UK is Jos Binns, Fernshill Hotel, Bury ,Lancs
1916 Jul 18 Derby Daily Telegraph: Joe and Betty Binns have a comedy musical turn, in which there is much fun and plenty of real melody.
1917 Feb 5-10 : Bristol Hippodrome Joe and Betty Binns on with Alcide Capitaine
1917 Oct 2 Dundee Courier: Joe and Betty Binns are most acceptable in comedy and music, their act being thoroughly versatile and novel. Alcide Capitaine also reviewed.
1918 Apr 1-6: Bristol Hippodrome Joe and Betty Binns on with Alcide Capitaine
1919 Apr 26 Aberdeen Journal: His Majesty's Theatre, Joe and Betty Binns, known hitherto as Binns and Binns provide comedy and music. Alcide Capitaine also appears
1919 Jun 30- 5 Jul: Bristol Hippodrome Joe and Betty Binns on with Alcide Capitaine. Also Harry Tate.
1920 Jul 20 Dundee Courier: Joe and Betty Binns are versatile musicians and the comedy element in their performance is always enjoyable.
1920 Aug 3 Exeter and Plymouth Gazette: A comedy and musical act somewhat out of the ordinary is given by Joe and Betty Binns. Joe is an actor who soon makes himself popular with the audience by his comedy antics, and, in addition he and his partners are very clever musicians
1921 May 15 Daily Illini (University of Illinois): Appearing at the Orpheum, Binns & Bert, two funny men fron Europe
1921 Jun 25 Bury Times: The death took place yesterday week [ 17 Jun 1921] after a long illness of Mr. John Binns, of 8, Vernon St., Bury. The deceased was 72 years of age and was well known as a musical comedian. Many years ago he toured this country and other parts of the world with a lady assistant as a musical comedian but he was better known as one of the Binns and Binns- the other being his son- a pair of musical comedians who achieved no little popularity. It was his custom to tour America each winter, spending the summer touring in this country. The deceased had crossed the Atlantic no fewer than 35 times. He went on his last trip eight years ago, when he spent one year and four months touring America, Australia, and New Zealand. Local theatre- goers will remember the appearance of Binns and Binns many years ago at the old Bury Circus and at the theatre before re-building. They also appeared at Radcliffe Theatre and several times at Manchester. The deceased was a native of Colne, coming to this town when eight years of age, and he often used to relate with some pride that as a boy he sold the first number of the “Bury Times” in the streets of this town. Before taking up the theatrical profession Mr. Binns was a musician and he was at one time a member of the old Bury Borough Brass Band. He leaves a widow and two sons. One son, Joe, who was with him as a partner in Binns and Binns, is at present in musicals, following the profession his father adorned so long and he was unable to come over to attend his father’s funeral.
The internment took place at St Paul’s Church, Bury, on Tuesday afternoon. The mourners were Mrs. Binns and Master Wm. Binns, widow and son; Mr. J. Binns, brother;
Miss L. Binns, sister; Mr. And Mrs. Richard Grime, brother-in-law and sister; Mr. And Mrs. J Landless, brother-in-law and sister; Mrs. Will Binns, sister –in-law; Mrs. Horrocks, sister-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Houghton , brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Misses Pinder, nieces; and Mrs Lowe, niece. Messrs. J. Landless, F. Pinder, R. Smithson, nephews, and Mr. Houghton acted as bearers.
Floral tributes were received from; Widow and Son; Joe and Alcide; Mr. and Mrs. F. Horrocks; Mr. and Mrs. J. Binns; Miss L. Binns; Mr. Grime, Susie and Rachel; Mrs. Greenhalgh; Mr. and Mrs. Landless and son; Mr. and Mrs. S. Horrocks, and Mrs Will Binns.
1921 Jun Q Death of John Binns registered in Bury age 72
1921 Sep 20 Probate at London of John Binns late of 6 Vernon Street, Bury who died 17 Jun 1921 to Joseph Henry Binns, comedian. £72

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