Harry Binns  (I5974)
Surname: Binns
Given Names: Harry

Gender: Male Male

Birth: 14 September 1921
Death: 17 June 2003 Leeds

Personal Facts and Details
Birth 14 September 1921 Father27Mother24
Christening about December 1921 (Age 2 months) Stanbury Wesleyan Chapel

Marriage December 1945 (Age 24) Irene Priestley - Keighley, Yorks

Universal Identifier DD87C1D1EB8B5140AF2A612427DACF3863E3
Death 17 June 2003 (Age 81) Leeds

Cremation 27 June 2003 (10 days after death) Oakworth, Keighley, Yorks

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1943 Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross in WW II. A/FL 9177629 RAFVR 51 Squadron. London Gazette 10/9/1943:4012
Trained as a PE teacher. Taught at Almondbury Grammar School, Huddersfield. One of his pupils was Derek Ibbotson who later held the world record record for running the mile.
Address 2000.40 Heathcote Rise, Long Acres,Vale Mill Lane,Haworth BD22 0EF
Harry flew a new B Mk III with radial engine. B Mk 3 entered into service winter of 1943-44 and dispensed with the gun in the nose because it was little used.His plane was painted gloss black, as inovated in 1945 to reduce drag hence increase speed, it having been found that matt black did not make much difference to the Nazis seeing them at night. MH- means all planes based at Snape.Harry Binns's experience in the Halifax aircraft from Snape included :- MH-R, MH-P, MH-R, MH-L, MH-C, MH-M, MH-N, MH-R, MH-M. Finally then MH-K on 13 Feb 1945 for the first time until his last Mission to Dortmund on 12 March 1945 These squadon numbers were not airframe serial number, but radio call-signs inherited from lost aircraft. There were 5 losses of MH-K's before his . The previous MH-K was serial No MZ811 lost on 6th January 1945 on mission to Hanau. Airframe serial numbers were painted in small letters nearer the tail. I will herewith figure out Harrys airframe serial number as he did not record it. B Mk 3's entered service Jan-June 1944. Number 4 Group Bomber Command, 51 squadron, at Snaith, received six B Mk 3's: LK885, LL328, MZ507, NA493, LV778, LW461. LV778 was buily Handley Page, beginning of run between Jan-Mar 1944 (run was LV771-LW195).LL328 was built by Rootes, ca middle of run between Jan-Jun 1944 (run was LL167-LL542).LK885 was built by Fairey, end of run between Jan-Jun 1944.MZ507 was built by London Passenger Transport, beginning of run between Mar-June 1944.NA493 was built by Fairey, beginning of run between Ap-Jul 1944.LW461 was built by English Electric, early of run between May-Jun 1944.Harry's first flight in the brand new B Mk 3 was 13 Feb1945 so it must have been LV778.
1996 Jan 10 “At Heck Lane, Pollington, Humberside; A tree or avenue on the site of the HQ building of the former RAF Station, Snaith; Lt. Johny Mes DFC, crewman of Lt. Harry Binns DFC Aug 1944-Mar 1945. Died 10th Jan 1996.”

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Family with Parents - [View Family (F395)]
3 years

Marriage: March 1919 -- Keighley
12 months
19 months
7 years

Family with Irene Priestley - [View Family (F525)]
4 years

Marriage: December 1945 -- Keighley
2 years