Thomas Knowles BINNS  (I5815)
Given Names: Thomas Knowles
Surname: BINNS

Gender: Male Male

Birth: about 1792 High Ash, Derbys
Death: 19 December 1877 Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex

Personal Facts and Details
Birth about 1792 Father31Mother20 High Ash, Derbys

Marriage 12 October 1826 (Age 34) Elizabeth BOOTH - Ecclesfield, Yorks

Marriage 1868 (Age 76) Susanna Rhoda Simpson - Islington, London

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Death 19 December 1877 (Age 85) Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex

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Clerk with at Chesterfield and afterwards of New Inn, London.
1821 1 Nov Sun Fire Office; Thomas Binns 6 Dartmouth Street Westminster gent
1823 Mar 25 London Gazette: Creditors meeting at premises of Messrs. Orchard, Triston, and Binns, at Gray's Inn Square, London
3 Apr 1823 The Morning Chronicle; Mysterious Robbery: Information to the following effect was given yesterday at the Police Office, Hatton Garden:- On Friday last, Thomas Binns Esq., Solicitor, of 4, Grays Inn Square, employed a carter to remove his furniture from his town residence in Warwick Court, Holborn, to a house he had taken at Queens Elms, Brompton; in consequence of much valuable property being in the caravan, he sent a porter in whom he reposed much trust, to accompany the carter to take care of it; a trunk filled with plate, with a small box inside, containing a quantity of valuable trinkets, and a box containing much other valuable property, were deposited at the bottom of the cart, under the furniture. Both are missing, but the Carter and Porter each profess to be entirely ignorant of the manner in which they were stolen
1825 May 28 London Gazette: Partnership dissolved, by mutual consent, between James Orchard, J H Triston, and Thomas Binns, solicitors, of 4 Gray's Inn Square, as regards Thomas Binns
1827 Jan 29 Morning Post: Case of Duff against Phillips, debts to be proved to court. Thomas Binns, plaintiffs solicitor, New Inn: Claims against William Harrison Harvey, late of Middle Park, Eltham, to Thomas Binns
1827 Jul 13 London Gazette: Solicitor at Clement's Inn, London, later at No 4 Clements Inn
1828 Sep 23 London Gazette: Henry Saker Leach, Wimbledon, baker bankrupted; solicitor Mr. Thomas Binns of Clements Lane
1828 Dec 19 London Standard: Birth on 2 Dec, the Lady of Thomas Binns Esq., solicitor, Essex Street, Strand, of a daughter
1829 Mar 13 London Gazette: Solicitor with office at 20 Essex Street, Strand, Middlesex.
1829 Dec 28 Hampshire Advertiser: Particulars of estate sale from Thomas Binns Esq., solicitor, Elvetham, Hants or 7 Essex Street, Strand, London
1830 National Archives: CP 5/203/57 Articles of clerkship (as a solicitor or attorney) for Henry Vallance, articled to Thomas Binns, with affidavit.
1830 Aug 11 Godalming Museum Assignment from Henry Holland of Godalming to Thomas Binns of Essex Street, Strand
1830 Oct 15 London Gazette: Solicitor offices at 20 Essex Street, Strand.
1831 Apr 19 London Gazette: Solicitor, offices 20 Essex Street, Strand
1831 26 May Thomas Rhodes Palmer, Cecil St., Strand, wine merchant bankrupted; solicitor Mr. Binns, Essex St., Strand
1831 of Essex St., London, subscriber to Lewis's Topical Dictionary of England
1831 Law Advertiser Publ. J.W. Paget; Thomas Binns, Essex Street, Strand
1832 Feb The Times: Mr Binns of Essex street involved as solicitor in contested Will of Major Edward Blewitt by his family
1832 Jul 27 London Gazette: Solicitor at 20 Essex Street, Strand
1832 28 Jul on 16th July Mrs. Binns of Essex St., Strand birth of a daughter.
1832 28 July Robert McWatt, Billiter St., Leadenhall St., oil merchant; solicitor Mr. Binns, Essex St., Strand
1833 Northamptonshire Record Office: Gunning (Horton) Collection; Thos Binns of 20 Essex St, Strand, Gent
1835 Apr 29 Godalming Museum: Assignment from Thomas Binns to Robert Davy of Ringwood, Hampshire on a piece of land in Catteshall Mead in the parish of Godalming, Surrey [Held at Goldaming Museum]
1836 Jul 30 Berkshire Chronicle: Any sum of money from£500 to £10,000. Apply, free of postage to Mr Thomas Binns, Solicitor, at his Offices at Elvetham, Odiham and Bagshot.
1837 Jul 8 Reading Mercury: Particulars of a sale from , HantsMr Thomas Binns, Solicitor, Bagshot and Elvetham
1838 Feb 10 National Archives HO 44/31 ff 124-129. Thomas Binns, suggesting reforms in sessions and assize practice, with a view to reducing expenditure. With copy of letter to Lord Braugham, dated 4 July 1837
1838 Jun 22 Brighton Patriot: Thomas Binns, solicitor, Elvetham, near Hartford Bridge, involved in sale of Brooklands Estate.
1838 Aug 14 Reading Mercury: Birth at Park Cottage, Elvetham, Hants, the lady of Thomas Binns esq., of a daughter
1838 Sep 20 National Archives HO 44/31ff 746-747. Thomas Binns, suggesting that the proposed new juvenile prison should be sited near Farnham, Surrey, not on the Isle of Wight
1838 Nov 3 Reading Mercury: Creditors of William Rogers to send claims to Thomas Binns, Elvetham, Hartford Bridge
1839 Feb 16 Hampshire Advertiser: Death at Park Cottage, Elvetham on 7 Feb Elizabeth, third daughter of Thomas Binns Esq, age 7 years and 2 months
1839 Dec 21 Berkshire Chronicle: Particulars of sale of an estate from Thomas Binns, solicitor, Elvetham, Hants, or 17 Essex Street, Strand, London
1840 Thomas Binns of Elvetham and 17 Essex Street was a candidate who passed the T.T.Examinations
1841 May 24 Museum of English Rural Life: The Wellington Estate Collection; Note of authorisation from Charles Elliottt to Thomas Binns, Solicitor, empowering him to receive money from the sale of a cottage at Stratfieldsaye.
1841 Census at Essex Street, age 50, solicitor. Also present were; Margaret Binns, 13; Emily Binns, 10; Seth, Sarah, and Lucy Binns, all age 5; Fanny Binns, 2; Margaret Booth, 40; and three family servants. Of these all were born outside county except, Emily, Seth and Sarah.
1841 Mar 26 London Gazette: Thomas Binns, solicitor of Elvetham, Hants and 17 Essex Street, Strand
1841 Jul 8 and 9 Poll for two Knights of the Shire: Sheffield, Sheffield; Thomas Binns of Essex Street, did not vote
1841 London P O Directory; Thomas Binns, Solicitor at 17 Essex St., Strand
1842 Jun 14 London Gazette: Thomas Binns, solicitor 17 Essex Street, Strand
[1844 Jun 22 Pre-nuptial settlement involves Thomas Binns Turner of Richmond Hill, Surrey, Esq., who died 14 Mar 1849; East Sussex Record Office;FILE - Pre-nuptial settlement - ref. AMS5706/20]
1844 London Metropolitan Archives: Manor and Hundred of Crondall, Hampshire, Admission of Thomas Binns of 17 Essex Street, Strand, gent., a parcel of land containing two acres three roods and one perch.
1844 Sep 6 London Gazette: Thomas Binns, late of Essex Street, Stand, solicitor, in the Queen's Prison, estates and effects vested in Official Asignee, on own petition.
1845 Apr 18 London Gazette: Thomas Binns, prisoner, formerly of No 20 Essex Street, Strand, and also of Elvetham, Hants, afterwards of 17 Essex Street, Strand, and also of Elvetham, attorney at law, and agent for the County Fire Office, Regent Street, Pall Mall, Middx., to appear at the Court House, Portugal Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields on 2 May.
1845 May 6 Morning Chronicle: The insolvent was a solicitor in Essex Street, Strand. His credits exceeded his debts and he stated he did not intend to appear in court. He had been involved in a beach of promise of marriage, Darbon v Rossor, and he owed her £1,200 for moneys lent.
1845 Jun 3 London Gazette: Insolvent No. 57,220 T. Assignee Thomas Webb.
1847 19 Nov Murder and Robbery of Mr. Bellchambers; Mr. Binns defending with Mr. Sydney. Defendants were James M'Kay, Thomas Doyle, Thomas Sayle. Committed for trial.
1849 Jan 14 Lloyds Weekly: Southwark County Court; Mr Binns appeared for defendant in case of selling an unsound horse.
1849 Oct 26 Newcastle Courant: The Queens Bench Thomas Binns v G F Manning
1851 Nov 18 Morning Post: Mr Thomas Binns, solicitor accused of sharp pratice in Southwark court
1852 P O Directory London; solicitor, 1 Trinity St, Borough
1853 Mason's Directory of London has Thomas Binns, solicitor, 4 Brighton Rd., Surbiton
1853 May 16 Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser: Thomas Binns appearing as solicitor for Currie and Cunningham who were charged with procuring an abortion in premises at 24 Essex Street, Strand
1853 Nov 15 Daily News: Police Courts:- Southwark. Mr Thomas Binns, solicitor, residing at No 66 Trinity Street, Borough, was summoned for neglecting and refusing to pay 18 pence to a cab driver that being his legal demand. [Interesting and amusing]
Account in Reynold’s Newspaper give address as 11 Trinity Street
1856 Feb 18 The Times: Harris v Binns; Solicitor Binns failed to act promptly to recover a debt. Jury found for Harris, danages £20
1858 Jun 1 London Gazette: John Hovell Triston plaintiff against Charles Matthias Mellor and Margaret Booth, his wife, Emily Knowles Binns, Cecilia Binns, Sarah Kay Binns, and Lucy Binns, defendants, and the creditors of Margaret Booth, spinster late of Rotherham, who died, about Dec 1856.
1860 Apr 9 London Standard: Thomas Binns, solicitor, N0 1 Trinity Square gave evidence against his former clerk on a charge of obtaining money by false pretenses.
1860 Jul 7 York Herald: Thomas Binns of London appeared for the defence (and lost) at Yorkshire Sheriffs Court at York Castle
1861 Census married head at 1 Trinity Square, Newington, Lambeth, age 60, born High Ash, Derbys, solicitor
1861 Jun 21 London Gazette: In Chancery; Triston v Mellor and others regarding settlement of an estate in Ecclesfield, under the will of Margaret Booth,consisting of a dwelling house, leased by the late Duke of Norfolk. Court petitioned by the defendents Margaret Booth Mellor, Charles Matthias Mellor, Cecilia Binns, Sarah Kay Binns, Lucy Binns now Lucy Blakey, the wife of Walter William Blakey. They ask if it would be best for all parties to sell the leasehold estate and if so whether by auction or private contract to Margaret Booth Mellor for £200. Their solicitor is Thomas Binns, 1 Trinity Square, Southwark
1862 Jan 17 London Gazette: Solicitor of 1 Trinity Square, Borough acting for a bankrupt.
1862 May 16 London Gazette: Solicitor of 1 Trinity Square, Borough acting for a bankrupt.
1863 Mar 10 London Gazette: Solicitor of 1 Trinity Square, Borough acting for a bankrupt.
1863 May 15 The Times: Harrington v Binns; A peculiar case. Binns lost and had to pay £100
1864 Mar 15 London Gazette: Solicitor of 1 Trinity Square, Borough acting for a bankrupt.
1864 Dec 6 London Gazette: Thomas Binns, late of 17 [sic] Essex Street, re 57,220 T, dividend of 14s. 6d.
1865 Dec 5 London Gazette: Solicitor of 1 Trinity Square, Borough acting for a bankrupt.
1865 Dec 30 Hampshire Telegraph: Marriage on 25th Dec at St John, Portsea, John James Holloway, of Eden Brewery, Landport, Portsea, to Cecelia, fourth daughter of Thomas Binns, solicitor, Trinity Square, London. No cards. [Actually he was never at Trinity Square, which was the home of Thomas Knowles Binns, who may have placed the notice in the newspaper.]
1866 Mar 13 London Gazette: Solicitor of 1 Trinity Square, Borough acting for a bankrupt.
1867 May 3 London Gazette: Solicitor acting for bankrupt is Binns and Hicklin, 1 Trinity Square, Borough
1868 Mar Q Marriage of Thomas Binns and Susanna Rhoda Simpson registered in Islington
1869 Feb 25 London Gazette: Thomas Binns, 27 Trinity Terrace, Trinity Square, Borough, no occupation recorded, member of London and Westminster Bank
1870 Feb 26 London Gazette: Thomas Binns, 27 Trinity Terrace, Trinity Square, Borough, no occupation recorded, member of London and Westminster Bank
1871 Returns of Owners of Land Index; Thomas Binns of Sunbury, 3 acres, rent £68
1871 Census married head at Staines Road, Sunbury, Middx., age 71, solicitor
1877 Dec 29 Sheffield Independent: Death on 19 Dec at Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex, Thomas Binns, solicitor, formerly of Essex Street, Strand, London, age 85
1877 Dec Q Death of Thomas Knowles Binns registered in Staines, age 85
1878 Feb 5 Will with Codicil of Thomas Binns formerly of 1 Trinity Square, Southwark, attorney at law, late of Sunbury who died 19 Dec 1877 proved at Principal Office by his nephew Edmund Knowles Binns of Fig Tree Chambers, Sheffield, one of the executors.
1878 Feb 19 London Gazette: Thomas Binns, deceased, formerly of No 1 Trinity Square, Southwark, attorney at law, but late of Sunbury, Middx., who died 19 Dec 1877, will proved 5 Feb 1878 by Edmund Knowles Binns, his nephew, claims against estate to George Edward Gee, Figtree Chambers, Shefffield
1878 May 15 Will with codicil of Thomas Binns formerly of 1 Trinity Square, Southwark, Surrey attorney at law but late of Sunbury, Middlesex where he died 19 Dec 1877 proved at Principal Office, by his widow Susanna Rhoda Binns of Sunbury, the other executor. Former grant Principal Registry Feb 1878. £450
1882 Oct 28 London Standard: Sunbury, Middlesex, freehold building sites to be auctioned for the Trustees of the Will of the late Thomas Binns Esq

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Marriage: 31 October 1791 -- Ashover
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Marriage: 12 October 1826 -- Ecclesfield
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