Andrew BINNS  (I5712)
Surname: BINNS
Given Names: Andrew

Gender: Male Male

Birth: 11 July 1819 Ripponden, YKS
Death: 14 July 1893 Union Workhouse, Lincoln

Personal Facts and Details
Birth 11 July 1819 Father22 Ripponden, YKS

MarriageReligious Marriage
30 April 1845 (Age 25) Charlotte Goulding - Lincoln, Lincs

Marriage 2 June 1860 (Age 40) Mary Ann Rollit -
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Death 14 July 1893 (Age 74) Union Workhouse, Lincoln

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1841 Census at Buttercrambe, Yorks, age 20, stone mason. Head was John Braithwaite, age 55, farmer
1844 Jul 5 Stamford Mercury: Commissioners for Improving Lincoln paid Andrew Binns £3 5s 2d for widening the south end of Sincil Street
1845 May 2 Lincolnshire Chronicle: Marriage on Wednesday last at St Peter in Eastgate, Lincoln, Mr Andrew Binns, stone mason to Miss Charlotte Goulding
1845 May 9 Stamford Mercury: Marriage at St Peter, Westgate, on 30th April, Mr Andrew Binns, stone mason to Miss Charlotte Goulding
1845 Jul 11 Stamford Mercury: Commissioners for Improving Lincoln paid Andrew Binns £8 14s 1d for improvements in Broadgate.
1848 Jun 16 Stamford Mercury: Mr Wm Huddlestone , stone mason, was fined 1s for assaulting Mr Andrew Binns, stone mason
1850 Aug 16 Stamford Mercury: To be sold at auction, the Mason's Arms Inn, Bracebridge, opposite the Lincoln County Asylum, now under construction, now in the occupation of Mr Andrew Binns
1850 Nov 22 Stamford Mercury: Notice to creditors of Andrew Binns, of Bracebridge, Lincolnshire, stone-mason
1851 Feb 28 Stamford Mercury: Andrew Binns was fined £2 10s, and 12s costs for taking possession of manure belonging to Mr Scrivener, the city-scavenger, and spreading it over a field. Binns is the tenant under Mr Rudgard of the land upon which Scrivener had deposited his manure: this land Binns had let to Mr Ruston, and Mr Ruston had sub-let part to Mr Scrivener. The value of the manure wasproved to be about £2 10s, 20 tons having been spread.
1851 Census married head at Masons Arms Inn, Bracebridge, Lincs, age 31, mason and publican
1851 Dec 27 Huddersfield Chronicle: Abraham Graham, master mason of Kirkheaton was summoned by Andrew Binns, mason, for non-payment of 4s 4d for wages. Amount claimed was ordered to be paid.
1855 Sep 14 Lincolnshire Chronicle: Christs Hospital School; John Binns, son of Andrew Binns, stone mason of St Peter in Eastgate elected to the school
1857 Dec 11 Stamford Mercury: Sanitary State of Lincoln, inquest on Harriet Oliphant, age 10, daughter of Rebecca Oliphane who said" We have lived 5 years in the house we occupy, and we have always had filth near the door. The privy used to be against the back door. .. Many houses are worse than ours, and there is a privy vault just at the end of our yard. Andrew Binns is my landlord and lawyer Tweed gathers the rent
1860 Lincolnshire Archives "General Reeve's title deeds relating to an estate at Long Leadenham... purchased of the Rollitt family".Undivided moiety of Mary Anne Binns and of Andrew Binns in seven messuages, cottages, or tenements with yards, gardens, and outbuildings, and yard, barn, and premises with appurtenances: and cottage or tenement with yard, outbuildings, and appurtenances at the north end of Long Leadenham in the Back Lane.Andrew Binns of the city of Lincoln, mason, and Mary Anne his wife and their trustees to John Reeve of Leadenham, a General. 24 Nov. 1860.
1860 Jun 8 Lincolnshire Chronicle: Marriage on 2 Jun, Andrew Binns, stonemason, of Waterside South, to Miss Mary Ann Ashton, widow of Broadgate.
1861 Census for Lincolnshire
24 Broadgate, Lincoln, Lincolnshire
BINNS,Andrew 40 Builder, Yorkshire, Barkisland
BINNS, Mary Ann, 38 Lincoln, Lincolnshire
ASHTON, William R. son-in-law 16 Lincoln,Lincolnshire
BINNS, William 11 Scholar Lincoln - Disability - Dumb from birth
BINNS, Charlotte E. dau. 9 Scholar Lincoln
ASHTON, Mary Ann d-in-law 8 Scholar Lincoln
Note: son-in-law and d-in-law are step children to Andrew from Mary Ann's first marriage to William Ashton.
1863 Jan 9 Stamford Mercury: Auction of house with yard and outbuildings in Broadgate, formerly occupied by Mrs Rollitt deceased and now by Mr Andrew Binns.
1863 Apr 10 Stamford Mercury: Sheriffs Court Lincoln to determine what property Andrew Binns, mason has in Lincoln, in connection with debts recovered by Tweed and Hughes of over £1000. He had land and houses in Lincoln but it was not possible to ascertain whether he had personal property. Mr Tweed was given possession of the whole.
1863 May 10 Reynolds Newspaper: Bankrupt Andrew Binns, Plumpstead, Kent, builder
1863 Jun 5 London Gazette: Andrew Binns, of Plumstead, Kent, builder, out of business, previously of 73 Great Queens Street, Lincon Inn Fields, builder, out of business, previously at the Roebuck Inn, Tooley Street, Surrey, builder, out of business, previously at Sun Inn, Mason Street, Lambeth, builder, out of business, previously at Blue Cross Inn, Wardour Street, Oxford Street, builder, out of business, and formerly of Lincoln, builder, adjudged bankrupt. Final examination for Jul 8th
1863 Dec 8 London Gazette: Discharged on 5th August
1869 Feb 20 Bradford Observer: A lodger at the house of Andrew Binns, mason, Swine Market, pleaded guilty to stealing a blanket and quilt from him
1869 Aug 27 Stamford Mercury: The new Lincoln prison contract awarded. Andrew Binns, Halifax (formerly of Lincon) tendered £28,452 but was not successful
1870 Jul 3 West Yorkshire Archive: Andrew Binns - plan of nine houses in Brook Street, Elland, architect: J Mortimer of Ripponden. Scale: 8 feet:1 inch [1:96]. Demolished
1871 Census. Yorkshire, Elland Cum Greetland.
Folio 46
Wall Nook
BINNS, Andrew Head Mar 51 Builder employing 3 men, Yorkshire Barkisland
BINNS, Mary A. Wife Mar. 49 Dress and Mantle Maker Lincoln
BINNS, James G. son 25 Unmar. Stonemason, Lincoln
CLAY, Mary A. dau. 18 Mar. Lincoln
BINNS, William son Unmar 21 Builders Labourer Lincoln - Imbecile from birth
BINNS, Mary E. dau 13 Scholar Yorkshire, Barkisland
BINNS, Eleanor Rollitt, dau 9 Scholar Lincoln
BINNS, Andrew R. son 7 Scholar Lincoln
BINNS, Sarah dau 5 Scholar Yorkshire Barkisland
1881 Census Lincolnshire
RG11 Piece 3256 Folio 25 Page 5
Census Place Spilsby, Lincoln
Dwelling Market Place
SIMMONS, Mary Ann M 37 F. Wainfleet, Lincoln England, Wife Head Occ Coachbuilders Wife
SIMMONS, Annie Eliz. 10 F. Spilsby, Lincoln England Dau Scholar
SIMMONS,Fanny Louise 7 F. Spilsby,Likncoln dau. Scholar
SIMMONS, Edward Hy. 6 m Spilsby Lincoln England son scholar
SIMMONS, Laure Emma 4 F. Spilsby Lincoln England dau. Scholar
SIMMONS, Walter Herbert 1 m Spilsby Lincoln England son
BINNS, Andrew W. 62 M York England Boarder Occ. Concretor (Paviour)
1887 Nov 11 Lincolnshire Chronicle: Andrew Binns of 16 Occupation Road, also the owner of number 15 Occupation Road was charged by the city surveyor that he had not complied with a notice served by him that 15 was in a dangerous condition. No 15 was unoccupied but Binns felt that if he could construct a cellar he would be able to find a tenant. He hadn't the money to buy the bricks to finish the job and part of the road fell in.
1891 Census - Lincoln - RG12/2595
St.Paul, Lincoln Workhouse
Inmate: BINNS, Andrew Widr. 71 Builder Lincolnshire (actually born Barkisland Yorkshire)
Andrew died in 1893. His family was scattered in Lancashire, Yorkshire.
1893 Jul 14 Death certificate at Union Workhouse, Lincoln, Andrew Binns age 71 years, formerly a builder of Lincoln; cause, brain softening certified by A L Peacock; informant John B Storey, master of workhouse, Lincoln; registered 2 Aug 1893. No probate found

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Marriage: 30 April 1845 -- Lincoln
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Marriage: 2 June 1860 --
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