John Robinson Binns  (I4598)
Surname: Binns
Given Names: John Robinson
Nickname: Jack

Given Names: Jack
Surname: Binns

Gender: Male Male

Birth: 16 September 1884 Brigg
Death: 8 December 1959 New York

Personal Facts and Details
Birth 16 September 1884 Mother20 Brigg

Christening 28 September 1884 (Age 12 days) Glanford Brigg, Lincs

Universal Identifier D0469DED9EAADA119DA50080C8F88E573AF2
Death 8 December 1959 (Age 75) New York

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1884 Sep 16 Birth Certificate: At Brigg Union Workhouse, Wraby, Brigg, John Robinson, boy mother Mary Ann Binns (of Brigg), registered by M A Binns, mother of 15 Chapel Yard, Brigg on 30 Sep 1884
1884 Christening record gives mother as Mary Ann Binns, single woman, place of birth was Brigg Union Workhouse, Wraby, Brigg.
1891 Census with Uncle William at 42 Corbon St., Peterborough, nephew, age 6, scholar.
1898 Dec 16 Stamford Mercury: John Binns a railway telegraph messenger, age 14 and living at 207 Cromwell Road was run over by a railway waggon and injured in such a way that both feet may have to be amputated.
Became a hero. As the 'Republic' sank the twenty five year old wireless operator sent the distress signal call that brought the rescue ship, 'The Baltic'.
Born John Robinson Binns in Lincolnshire, England, in 1884, "Jack" grew up an orphan. His father had died only two days after his birth and his mother died a year later [obviously not true], the boy was raised by his paternal grandmother [ actuallyhis maternal grandmother]. At age 14, Binns began studying telegraphy. He went to work with the British Post Ofice when he was eighteen. Three years later he began working for the British Marconi Company, where he was assigned as wireless operator aboard the White Star liner 'Republic'. Featured on card No 12 in Wireless Telegraphy series from Lambert and Butler cigarettes
1901 Census at home of his Uncle Walter S Binns, age 16, telegraph clerk.
1909 Jan 30 London Illustrated News: Photographic portrait of Jack Binns "The Man Whose Messages Saved All Aboard the Republic"
1909 Transcript of Ellis Island record: "Arrived New York 21 Mar 1909 aboard The Baltic from Liverpool. Binns, John Robinson, age 24, single Marconi Operator, can read and write English and mother and father are both from England. Place of residence in England is Peterborough and his relative at home is Uncle S Binns, 6 Mayors [?] Walk, Peterborough. Destination in US is New York. Passage paid for by himself and he had at least $50. He had previously entered through New York and Boston. His friend or relative in US was Geo da Sousa (friend), Lords [?] Court Bldgs, 27 William St., New York. He was fair with brown hair, blue eyes and scars on forehead and both legs. His place of birth was Brigg, Lincolnshire"
1909 Following his exploits on the Republic he received a ticker tape reception in New York
1909 Sheet Music: Jack Binns, words by Prof T Berry Smith, composed by Mrs W B Bull, published by A W Perry & Sons of Sedalia, MO,for piano and voice; at Lester S Levy Sheet Music Collection, John Hopkins University.
1912 May 3 US Senate enquiry into the Titanic: Day 13, Evidence of John R Binns, resident at 235 West One Hundred and thirty second Street, New York City, at present on the staff of the New York American
1914 Sep 21 Arrival at Ellis Island aboard SS The Minnewaska from London, age 30, married reporter, last permanent residence New York,
1917 April 8 New York Times: Jack Binns, of 91 East Eighteenth Street, Brooklyn, applies for naturalization. He says he is employed in the newspaper business as a reporter, is 32 years of age, and was born in East Hampton, England.
1917 Jun 28 New York Times: Jack Binns, the wireless operator, who had been employed on The New York American, joined the British Royal Flying Corps yesterday and left for a training station in Canada. Binns told the English recruiting officers that he knew that Germany was preparing for war against Great Britain years ago, because from April 1905 to July 1908, he had been a wireless operator on German ships. He told them that the wireless apparatus on German ships was controlled by a Belgian concern, and that there were ten English, two Italian, one Belgian, one Icelander, and a number of Danish wireless men employed on German ships. In 1908 at the time of the Morocco crisis, Binns said, the Germans asked the Belgian concern to discharge the British, Italian, and Belgian operators, stating that in the event of a war between Great Britain and Germany, the British operators would refuse to tell the Captains, when war was declared, if they received the information at sea, and that consequently the German ships would be captured by British warships
1920 US Census, head at Caton Avenue, Kings County, Brooklyn, New York, age 35, immigrated 1912, naturalized in Pennsylvania, born England, reporter on newspaper.
1920, 1949, and 1955 believed to have made visits to relations in England.
1922 Feb 11 New York Tribune: Advertisement for his column in this paper and for his presence in the toy department of Lord and Taylor, Fifth Avenue where he will be advising on radios
1922 Feb 12 New York Tribune: Jack Binns is editor of the The Tribune's radio department. During the war he was wireless instructor to the Canadian Air Forces at Toronto and in the advanced wireless school at Farnbrough, England
1924 Dec 30 Press photo copyright Culver Pictures implies he was working for Colliers.
1927-28 Outside lecturer on Radio at Harvard University on behalf of Hazeltine Corp., Jersey City, New Jersey. Title of lectures " The Competetive Situation in the Radio Industry"
1930 US Census at Brooklyn (Districts 1251-1500), Kings, New York, Jack R Binns,married brother in law age 45, immigrated 1912, parents born England. Married head was Frederick Wernig, age 52 with wife Grace, both born USA
1940 US Census at Monroe Place, Brooklyn, Kings, New York, married head age 55, executive
1940 Jan 23 Immigration in Brazil of John Robinson Binns, born 16 Sep 1884 in England, US citizen, father John Binns, mother Mary Robinson, married, executive resident at 24 Monroe Place, Brooklyn, New York. Passport issued 8 Jun 1936 in New York
1953 Aug 31 Arrival at New York aboard SS Uruguay, first class, accompanied by wife Alice N Binns, embarked Montevideo 15 Aug
2010 Ebay sale: In1904 Jack joined the Marconi Training School, and after 3 months is certified as a Marconi Wireless Operator. In 1905 he joins the Hamburg Amerika Line ship the Kaiser Willhelm der Grosse, and this is the first of my photo's of him, standing with a life belt from the ship. In 1909 Jack joins the RMS Republic, and on January 23rd 1909 he becomes the hero of the hour by sending a telegraph message which saves the ship from disaster. The second photograph, showing him in his best dress Marconi uniform was taken in Peterborough when he came back to his home town to receive a medal for his bravery. The third photograph shows the gathering of people outside Peterborough North Railway station, when he arrived back home for the presentation, you can just make out Jack among the dignitaries.
In 1911 Jack was due to be assigned to the White Star Liner Olympic, and later Titanic, but J. Bruce Ismay, thought that he might bring bad luck to these two ships. So Jack made a change of profession and went to work for William Randolph Hurst at the New York American newspaper. He reported extensively for that newspaper on the Titanic disaster, and he testified at the Titanic Enquiry. He died in 1959 of a stroke. Also included are 3 post cards from Jack and his wife sent back to his family in Peterborough.
2015 Apr 12 Offered for sale on ebay by Coots Imagery photo of Mr and Mrs Jack Binns dated 6. 8. 38

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