Given Names: THALBERG
Nickname: Alf
Surname: BINNS

Gender: Male Male

Birth: 22 February 1879 Salford - LAN
Death: 16 September 1960 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Personal Facts and Details
Birth 22 February 1879 Father33Mother25 Salford - LAN

Marriage September 1897 (Age 18) Susannah Insley - Northwich, Cheshire

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Death 16 September 1960 (Age 81) Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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1879 Dec 7 Baptism at St Catherine, Barton on Irwell of Thalberg Binns, father Thomas Binns, professor of Music, and Olivia of Barton
1881 Census son age 02. Living in 2 Avenue, Barton - Irwell, LAN. Bindex Origin Code N8020.
1891 Census son age 12, scholar
1891 Feb 27 Manchester Times: Childrens Hour; For the G G [Guild of Gentleness] Thalberg Binns has sent in 25 names.
1895 Oct 29 London Gazette: Partnership dissolved by mutual consent between James Lilley, Albert Barraclough, and Thalberg Binns, wholesale clothiers at Leeds under the style of Lilley Barraclough and Co. Barraclough and Binns will receive and pay all debts. James Lilley will carry on business on his own account.
1897 Sep 7 Marriage at St Helens Parish Church of Thalberg Binns, father Simon Binns, organist to; Susannah Insley, father David Barlow Insley, labourer
1901 Census married head at 326 Barlow Road, Levenshulme, Lancs., age 24, grocer's warehouseman
1911 Census Canada Thalborg A Binns, married head at West Toronto, York South, Ontario, age 33, immigrated 1910, clerk, shop liquor
1914-18 Canadian Expeditionary Force Regt. No. 33826
1914 Sep 23 Attestation at Valcartier of Thalberg Binns, born 22 Jan 1879 in Manchester, England, married salesman; next of kin Hilda Mary Binns, daughter, 322 Sackville Street, Toronto; later Mrs. Susan Binns, 540 Ontario Street, Toronto. Previously had served 9 years with Royal Army Medical Corps.
1914 Sep 25 At No.1 Casualty Clearing Hospital, Canada for 49 days.
1914 Nov 24 Obtained deed for 138 acres in the Township of Hudson, near New Liskeard in northeastern Ontario, Canada. Land was identified as South 1/2 of Lot 12, Concession 2 which was a veterans lot.
1915 At No.1 Casualty Clearing Hospital, England for 1 year 10 months 15 days
1915 Feb 1 At No.1 Casualty Clearing Hospital, to 15 Dec 1916 in France.
1916 Dec 9 Hospital at Chatham with pleurisy and then Eastbourne for convalescence until 9 Jan 1917
1917 May 12 At Etchinghill, leave-free warrant
1917 Sep 24 Appointed acting corporal
1918 Jan 29 Proceeding on 12 weeks furlough to Canada, reverts to previous rank of private, reversion later cancelled
1918 Apr 27 Returns from Furlough
1918 Feb 9 Ellis Island entry, age 39, unmarried soldier, heading for Toronto, Canada, mother Mrs. Olive Simmons, 2 Thorn View, .........ich, Lancs.
1918 May 31 At Canadian Special Hospital, Etchinghilll, Corporal 33826 Thalberg Binns suffering debility, bunion, and flat feet. Had been in France 2 years and was evacuated in Dec 1916
1919 Dec 22 Examination at St Andrews Military Hospital.
1919 Jul 11 Landed at Portland, Maine, USA
1920 Feb 2 Discharge as medically unfit, with emphysema and appendicitis at Toronto of Thalberg Binns, Staff Sergeant 33826, who served in Canada, England, France, and Belgium. Address 69 Ravina Crescent, Toronto, Canada
1960 Sep 17 Memorial Inscription: the military section of Sanctuary Park, Toronto “Thalberg Binns, Staff Sargent, C.A.M. C., C.E.F., 17 Sept 1960, Age 81 “ CAMC = Canadian Army Medical Corps CEF =Canadian Expeditionary Force
From grandson Richard Binns b.1942: Thalberg was assigned the New Liskeard property as recompense for his service in the British Army during the Boer Wars in South Africa. This assignment would have happened in England prior to their travel to Canada even though he did not get the deed to the property until 1914 after they took possession. It is quite possible that the older children - especially the boys (Leonard & Richard) could have travelled earlier with Thalberg to clear the land and build a house. It was 160 acres of pure forest, out of which they cleared maybe 10 acres (if that). They did build a cabin and another small building which they called a barn, kept a horse for transportation by wagon to town (about 5 - 10 miles away). I have some photos of this place. Sometime prior to Aug 1914) Thalberg left New Liskeard and travelled to Toronto leaving the family at the New Liskeard property. In August 1914, he informed Lucy (probably by wire) that he had signed up to fight in WW1 and was leaving Toronto in the near future. Lucy hustled her family onto the train to Toronto and the family story was that "she arrived at the Toronto train station on the same day that Thalberg's train was pulling out (probably to meet an ocean going vessel in Montreal) and that the most she saw of him then was through the train window as his train pulled out”. It makes a good story ...I cannot substantiate its exact truth.
Upon Thalberg's return in 1918, he entered the New York harbour, declared himself to be “unmarried” and indicated that he was travelling to Canada (as shown in the "notes" on the website). Obviously he had no intention of returning to the family. It turns out that he had a relationship with a woman in Toronto (her first name was Rosie) to whom he wanted to return and perhaps wanted to ignore the family responsibilities. As the years rolled on, two of his children (Hilda and Leonard) established a relationship with him in Toronto and the other two (Richard and Rolande) did not. My father chose to tell us children that he died in the war but about 5 years before Thalberg's death in 1960, I found out about him through a cousin but my young age and my father's reluctance about it prevented me from connecting with him.

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