Surname: BINNS
Given Names: WALTER

Gender: Male Male

Birth: about 1855 Bradford - YKS
Death: 1914 Scarborough, Yorks

Personal Facts and Details
Birth about 1855 Father31Mother33 Bradford - YKS

MarriageReligious Marriage
10 November 1880 (Age 25) EMMA Taylor - Ingleton, Yorks

Marriage 4 November 1885 (Age 30) Anna Louisa Maud - Manningham, Bradford, Yorks

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Death 1914 (Age 59) Scarborough, Yorks

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1861 Census son age 6, scholar
1871 Census son age 16, joiner
1880 Nov 13 Leeds Times: Marriage on Nov 10 at the parish church Ingleton, Walter, third son of James Binns, Bradford to Emma, youngest daughter of William Taylor, Clarrich House, Ingleton
> > 1881 Census. Age 26. Living in 72 Donisthorpe Street, Bowling - Bradford, YKS. Occupation - Joiner & Builder. Bindex Origin Code N8020.
1884 Jun 14 Leeds Times: Death on 5 June, age 28 Emma wife of Walter Binns, Park Road
1885 Nov 7 Leeds Times: Marriage on 4 Nov at St Lukes church, Manningham, Walter Binns to Anna Louisa Maud, both of Bradford
1885 Aug 15 Leeds Mercury: Leeds Coliseum, electric light has been installed by Allen and Co of London. Yorkshire agent Walter Binns, 52 Park Road, Bradford
1886 May 15 Leeds Times: Fire extinguished at 12 Neal Street, Bradford, house occupied by Mr Walter Binns
1889 Mar 29 York Herald: Action by Mr Walter Binns, builder of Bradford claiming £133 in respect of the building of a Roman Catholic chapel at Driffield.
1890 May 22 Huddersfield Chronicle: Walter Binns, builder of Bradford gave evidence as to his business transactions with Stubbs in connection with house building. Stubbs was accused of cheating and defrauding Messrs Lister and Co., Ltd, Bradford of large sums of money
1890 Jan 21 Manchester Courier: Wanted a stone breaker with an 8in jaw. Apply Walter Binns, contractor, Bradford.
1891 Census not found
1892 Dec 20 Sheffield Daily Telegraph: Workman working for Walter Binns at Westgate Station, Wakefield was badly injured by a fall from scaffolding
1893 May 29 Leeds Mercury: Mr Walter Binns, contractor of Bradford has done a good job with alterations and improvements to Westgate Station, Wakefield.
1893 Jul 15 Yorkshire Gazette: Payments to Walter Binns in respect of Menston contract
1894 Feb 15 Yorkshire Evening Post: Retirement of a G R N Company inspector. Presentation of a gold watch and chain, silver mounted pipe, and an illuminated address. Meeting chaired by Walter Binns of Bradford.
1894 Mar 1 Manchester Courier: For sale, portable mortar mill; 6ft pan, overhead driven and engine and boiler combined, 8in cylinder, 12in stroke, boiler 6ft high, 4ft diam., with wood shed 12ft by 12ft. Offers by letter to Walter Binns, Stanhope Works, Bradford.
1894 Aug 11 Leeds Times: G N R Company making improvements in and around Leeds. The tender of Mr Walter Binns has been accepted
1895 Feb 5 Leeds Mercury: Walter Binns, railway contractor of Bradford, has obtained contract for six miles of new line in Nottinghamshire from Great Northern Railway Co. Worth £350,000
1895 Sep 20 Manchester Times: Walter Binns of Bradford, contracted by Great Northern for a new line of 6.5 miles from Kirkby to Pleasley costing £30,000 to £40,000
1895 Oct 10 Huddersfield Chronicle: For chronic blocks at Menston Walter Binns has been paid a total of £63,989 7s 3d
1895 Oct 17 Sheffield Daily Telegraph: Mr Walter Binns requested a constable to be appointed at Sutton-in-Ashfield. Agreed
1895 Oct 18 Sheffield Daily Telegraph: Box of detonators stolen by boys from a box on the line from Sutton to Pleasley
1895 Nov 2 Nottingham Evening Post: Sutton and Mansfield played a football match by Well's light, the first in Mansfield. Thanks to Mr Walter Binns and Mr Ashley for the lights.
1896 Jan 18 Sheffield Daily Telegraph: Horse sale at York Horse Repository, 4 horses from Walter Binns Esq.
1896 Jan 29 Document for sale on ebay 25 Oct 2015: GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY COMPANY; To Mr W Binns, Stanhope Works, Horton Lane, Bradford. For extension of the Leen Valley Railway
Certificate No. 8. I hereby certify that up to this there is due to Mr W Binns on account of the above works the sum of £35529 less: 10% retained as guarantee, say £5329 and amount of previous certificates, 1 to 7 inclusive, £26140 towards order Jan 24/95 £4060. Amount of tender £12958 18s 2d. Stamped:Executive Accounts Committee, 30 Jan 1896 and : Certified £4060
Received ::Johnson? 29 Jan 1896
1896 Mar 12 Yorkshire Evening Post: Good 4-stalled stable to let at Ardsley, near Wakefield. Address Walter Binns, contractor, Henry Street, Bradford.
1896 Mar 13 Yorkshire Evening Post: Death on 11 March, suddenly at Mansfield, Notts, Annie, wife of Walter Binns of Bradford.
1896 Mar 21 Leeds Mercury: Leeds Assizes; Brown v Binns Breach of contract; Walter Binns, contractor of Stanhope Works, Bradford, had ordered railway wagons from Brown but cancelled the order. Found for Binns.
1896 May 9 Nottinghamshire Guardian: Important sale at Sutton-in-Ashfield of twenty-one cart horses the property of Mr Walter Binns, contractor
1896 Jul 6 Sheffield Independent: Menston Asylum; The Committee authorised a final payment of £2,000 to Mr Walter Binns, the contractor for the new blocks. The final cost will be £85,763
1896 Aug 19 Yorkshire Evening Post: Wanted a few good masons and banker hands. Apply Walter Binns, Leen Valley Extensions, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts
1896 Aug 26 Yorkshire Evening Post: To let, a large quantity of dry-walling. Apply to Walter Binns, contractor, Sutton-in-Ashfield
1896 Aug 29 Yorkshire Evening Post: Wanted a few good quarrymen and wallstone dressers; also banker hands and wallers. Apply Walter Binns, Railway Contractor, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts.
1896 Sep 24 Yorkshire Evening Post: Wanted a few good dry-wallers, first-class men can earn good wages; also a few good wallers used to blocking walling for bridges; also a few good banker hands for dressing blocking. Walter Binns, Railway Contractor, Sutton-in-Ashfield
1896 Dec 16 Sheffield Daily Telegraph: Horse driver employed by Mr Walter Binns contractor for the G N R extension from Annesley to Langwith was killed at work
1898 Apr 5 London Standard: Extension of the G N E R line extension in the Leen Valley Nottinghamshire from Annesley to Sutton-in-Ashfield was opened. The contract was let to Walter Binns, of Bradford who carried out the greater portion of the work, but it was completed by W H Hutchinson of Mansfield.
1898 Jul 20 Yorkshire Evening Post: Wanted, 2 or 3 dobbin carts, 7 feet under driven mortar mill and 8 h p portable engine, 1 pair Tangyes 5-ton chain blocks, small steam pump; also quantity of planks and battens. Send particulars to Walter Binns, 103 Swan Arcade, Bradford
1898 Aug 27 Yorkshire Evening Post: Waggon wanted to carry 20cwt. Apply Walter Binns, 103 Swan Arcade, Bradford
1899 Sep 7 Yorkshire Evening Post: Rubble walling. 3 good wallers wanted; used to the work. Apply Walter Binns, Methley, G. N. R. Station
1899 Oct 19 Yorkshire Evening Post: Bricklayers, two good, wanted. Apply Walter Binns, New Sewage Works, Knottingley
1900 Jun 30 Yorkshire Evening Post: Navvies wanted, Wharfedale Estate, Ilkley, 6d per hour to good men, apply Walter Binns, contractor
1901 Census at 2 Ardilaun, Shipley, Walter Binns, widowed head age 46, railway general building contractor, employer born Bowling. Also present is Edith Binns, daughter age 19 born Bowling; and 2 servants
1901 Jun 6 Sheffield Daily Telegraph: Mr Thomas Marrian and Mr Walter Binns of Cheapside, Bradford applying to the Light Railway Commissioners for Rotherham and Laughton
1901 Jul 13 Yorkshire Evening Post: Navvies wanted, apply to Walter Binns, New Sewerage Works, Midgley. (Luddendenfoot Station)
1901 Aug 13 Sheffield Daily Telegraph: Walter Binns, promoter of Rotherham and Laughton Light Railway; also leesee of mineral rights of about 4,000 acres in and around Laughton; called to give evidence, co-promoter was Mr Thomas Marrian, landowner residing at Thurcroft Hall with estate of 800 acres, and brewer in Sheffield. Line not recommended
1902 Feb 12 Sheffield Evening Telegraph: Petitioners against the Great Northern Railway Companys Bill (No 1) include Thomas Merrian and Walter Binns.
1902 Mar 4 Sheffield Daily Telegraph: Mr Walter Binns of Thurcroft Hall sustained a severe cut on the forehead and a broken right arm when he was thrown from his trap turning the corner of High Street into Wellgate, Rotherham. After treatment in Rotherham Hospital he was taken home.
1902 Apr 24 Sheffield Daily Telegraph: Mr Walter Binns named as a promoter of South Yorkshire Railway Bills.
1903 Feb 4 Sheffield Evening Telegraph: In Chancery Division Mr Walter Binns, living at Stanhope House, Bradford sued Baker, Lees and Co in connection with expenses of promoting a bill through Parliament for the construction of a railway from Sheffield to Laughton. He lost the action with costs.
1903 May 23 Yorkshire Evening Post: Kings Bench Division action by Saddleworth and Springhead Urban District Council against Mr Walter Binns of Cheapside, Bradford and Mr Thomas Marrian of Thurcroft Hall, Rotherham. Seeking to recover costs in connection with the promotion of a bill through Parliament to get powers to construct tramways and electric lighting stations.
1903 Jun 17 Sheffield Daily Telegraph: Mr Walter Binns, the promoter of the Mexborough and Swinton Tramways had some difficulties with the council
1905 Sep 26 London Gazette: Receiving order against Walter Binns of Stanhope House, Frizinghall, Bradford and with business at 25 Cheapside, Bradford, contractor, at request of creditors
1910 Jun 3 London Gazette: Re Oldham and Saddleworth Tramways Bill, 1905; anybody whose property has been damaged in any way by the commencement, construction, or abandonment of the tramway, other than Thomas Marrian and Walter Binns, should prove their claims against the funds in Court.
1911 Census at 7 Victoria Avenue, Scarborough, Walter Binns, widowed friend age 55, railway contractor born Bowling. Married head was Thomas Marrian age 63, laundry proprietor, born Attercliffe, Sheffield with wife Fanny, age 63, married 38 years, no children. Also present was Eileen Thomson, friend age 4 born Headingley, Leeds and 3 servants.
1914 Dec Q Death of Walter Binns registered in Scarborough age 60. No probate found.
2016 Jan E-bay: Photo of steam engine; written on reverse, "was owned by Walter Binns between 1895 and 1897 on the Leen Valley contract, building 10.5 miles of railway for the GNR".

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Marriage: September 1849 -- Bradford
16 months
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Marriage: 10 November 1880 -- Ingleton
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Marriage: 4 November 1885 -- Manningham