Adam John BINNS  (I17407)
Given Names: Adam John
Surname: BINNS

Gender: Male Male

Birth: 13 February 1974 Leeds, Yorks
Death: 3 March 1999 Leeds, Yorks

Personal Facts and Details
Birth 13 February 1974 Leeds, Yorks

Death 3 March 1999 (Age 25) Leeds, Yorks

Cause of death: Cystic Fibrosis
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Born with the life threatening genetic disease, Adam, a triplet underwent assessment at The Regional Transplant Centre @ The Freeman Hospital, Newcastle between 10th and 13th of August 1988. He was 'accepted onto the list' as suitable for a Heart/Lung transplant. He carried a pager thereafter and waited for a suitable donor. Adam died on 3rd March 1999 at Seacroft Hospital, Leeds and was cremated at Cottingley, Leeds on 19th March 1999.
He never married.
'Superman died ' I would hear myself say ', the Kryptonite got him, it killed him today
I said it quite often when he was away, I rehearsed it 'in lines' like some people pray.
He wasn't yet dead, though we knew it would come, we knew it for sure and so did our son.
He'd fought it so hard and he'd fought it so long, it all seemed so cruel that soon he'd he gone.
We lived with faint hope and we all tried our best, but the inactive pager was unlike his chest
It challenged him daily to 'pack it all in' and as he gasped for each breath the air remained thin.
The tattoo on his arm was a joke (more or less), it was the famous superhero's framed letter ' S '.
Whilst physically he was 'just skin and bone', he flew 'round the world on the 'web and by 'phone.
Not short of ideas or something to say, he lived for each moment. I wish he could stay.There are others just like him and some gone before but we all need our heroes and sons to adore.
And adore him we did for all we were worth, but twenty five years is not long on this earth.
But longer by far than our little grandson, for Ollie departed when he was just one.
It shouldn't be like this it seems so unfair do all Supermen have to use a wheelchair?
He came dawn initially not from a Planet above, nor on a meteor, he came out of love.
He came with two sisters, soon after his brother, it would never be the same for me or his mother.
The Kryptonite was with him when he arrived; it was hiding of course way deep inside.
We didn't know then that we'd passed it to him, we didn't know much about any damn thing.
As young married parents with four 'under a year we'd enough on our plate without needing fear.
But fear came to join us and would remain, 'coping and dealing' was now the name of the game.
Our lot was easy compared to our son, though we would all pay the price in the long run.
They were all special of course like all children are, but the Kryptonite took hold of our little star.
How different our lives seemed from others we knew. We 'got on with the job' as our family grew.
Did we get it all right, well probably not, we would blame it on stress and being busy allot.
Which wasn't untrue we had more than our share, still blaming ourselves whilst delivering care.
Hospitals and drugs became part of our life, still playing doctors and nurses, me and my wife. Ward visits were common too common by fAr and the tears would flow freely outside in the car.
The bag of grins was now empty we'd have to make do and Mr. F'. Chuckles could also feel blue. It's hard for a clown to be ringmaster too, but my son tamed lions fresh from the zoo.
These weren't real lions you must understand, but they roamed in his lungs as if on dry land.
Am I drowning in tears or is it just sorrow, NO, I 'm swimming with pride and facing tomorrow.
Tomorrow will come but not this time for you, your spirit has gone you've already passed through.
What's left are memories heady and strong, they were building like castles before you were gone.
They're almost complete, a tribute to you, of how you lived life and touched those who you knew.
St Ant's with shirts bearing your name will know it's not about winning but playing the game.
And play it you did for all of you were worth, you'll be doing it now like you did here on earth.
'Through death do we live' I was told once before, but now we've got three, but it should be four.
No, I'm wrong again, you were famously five. That's counting our Ollie when he was alive.
Tonight you'll have peace, no coughing or pain, and 'middle of the night' will never be the same.
With Superhero strength and courage to shame, you fought that Kryptonite time and again
Now lying in state wearing Superman socks, your chest is so quiet and your bed is a box
It's a ' Conway' Adam, so we can laugh as we grieve, sharing the name of your doctor 'Steve'
They all did their best, the doctors and staff, but Kryptonite eventually got the last laugh
Their work must continue. The fight must go on. There are more heroes like you and c.f.'s not gone.

Dedicated to Doctors, Nurses, C F. Patients and Parents at Seacroft Hospital, Leeds (and elsewhere).Those at the Regional Transplant Centre The Freeman Hospital, Newcastle. All those waiting for or surviving Organ transplant, 'Accident and Emergency' staff everywhere and those who give comfort to the bereaved through word and deed.

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