Joao Carlos de Saldanha de Oliviera e Daun  (I16864)
Given Names: Joao Carlos
Surname: de Saldanha de Oliviera e Daun

Gender: Male Male

Birth: 17 November 1791 Lisbon, Portugal
Death: 21 November 1876 London

Personal Facts and Details
Birth 17 November 1791 Lisbon, Portugal

Marriage 13 September 1856 (Age 64) Charlotte Smith - Paris, France

Death 21 November 1876 (Age 85) London

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1871 Census at 12 Gloucester Place, Marylebone, London, The Duke de Saldanha, portugese minister, age 80
1876 Dec Q Death of João Carlos De S (Duke of) De Saldanha registered in Marylebone.
Portuguese statesman, born in Lisbon, 17 November, 1791, died in London, England, 21 November, 1876. He was a grandson of the famous Marquis de Pombal, and received his education at the College of the nobility of Lisbon and the University of Coimbra. When the royal family fled to Brazil, he remained to serve under the French, but was made a prisoner by Wellington's forces and transported to England. In 1814 he was permitted to go to Brazil, where he was appointed commander of the Portuguese forces, He rendered great service in forwarding troops for the war that resulted in the possession of Uruguay. From 1818 till 1822 he was captain-general of the province of Rio Grande do Sul, and, joining the liberal movement, promulgated the new constitution in 1821, but in 1822 he returned to Europe, as he was unwilling to serve under the regency of Dora Pedro. Upon his arrival in the capital he was appointed captain-general of Brazil and commander-in-chief of all the forces in the country, but, having learned of the election of Dora Pedro to the empire, he refused to return to Brazil to foster a civil war, and was imprisoned for about a year. In February, 1825, King Joao VI. appointed him secretary of foreign relations, and after the death of the king he became, during the regency of the Infanta Isabel Maria, governor of Oporto, where he suppressed the first movements of the partisans of Dora Miguel. For a short time he was secretary of war, but, on account of disagreements with the regent, he resigned and went to London in 1827. After several unsuccessful attempts against the reactionary party, he took an active part in the struggle between Dom Pedro and Don Miguel, on the side of the former, and was rewarded with the rank of field-marshal and commander-in-chief, and henceforth his career was a series of political intrigues and revolutions, sometimes at the head of the government, and then again exiled, or ambassador in France and England. The last revolution in which he took part was in 1870, when he presided for a short time over the cabinet, and in February, 1871, he was sent as ambassador to London, where he died. He left memoirs in manuscript.
Memoirs of Field-Marshal the Duke de Saldanha, with selections from his correspondence / by the Conde Da Carnota [John Athelstane Smith]

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Family with Charlotte Smith - [View Family (F5429)]
15 years

Marriage: 13 September 1856 -- Paris