John Binns Wall  (I15357)
Given Names: John Binns
Surname: Wall

Gender: Male Male

Birth: 3 August 1813
Death: 12 February 1845 Winchester, Hampshire

Personal Facts and Details
Birth 3 August 1813 Father38Mother25
Christening 4 August 1813 (Age 1 day) St Nicholas, Worcester

Death 12 February 1845 (Age 31) Winchester, Hampshire

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1832 Aug 31 London Gazette: 3rd or Scots Fusilier Regiment of Foot Guards; John Binns Wall Gent., to be Ensign and Lieutenant by purchase, vice Davies. Dated 31 Aug 1832
1832 Sep 6 Worcester Journal: John Binns Wall, eldest son of Colonel Wall, Worthy Park, Hants, to be Ensign and Lieutenant by purchase in the Scots Fusilier Guards
1845 Feb 15 Hampshire Advertiser: INQUEST BY J. H. TODD, Esq,., CORONER FOR THIS CITY.— At the George Hotel, on Wednesday, to enquire into the cause of death of Captain John Binns Wall, late of the Coldstream Guards, and eldest son of the late S. Wall, esq. of Worthy Park, near Winchester. It appeared from the evidence of R. Bailey, esq. of Worthy, that the deceased dined and passed the evening with him on Tuesday, and that the deceased complained of an enlargement of some swelling in his throat. About eleven o'clock, Mr. Wall, who had partaken of some punch, and was somewhat elevated from it, left his house to return on foot to the George, Winchester, where he had been for some time staying. Mr. Bailey offered to send his carriage, but deceased refused, and put on his great coat and hat, and took his stick. Mr. Bailey accompanied him to the door, and saw him walk down his garden path into the turnpike road, which he did at if he was nothing the worse for liquor. From the severity of the weather, and the slippery state of the road, Mr. Bailey directed his servant, Thomas Lay, to accompany deceased to Winchester, who, doing as his master directed him, offered his services to the deceased, who had got but a short distance on the road, but refused the proffered assistance, and, seating himself on a bank covered with snow, said he would remain there all night, if Lay did not return home. Lay said he would go back, and wished him " good night," and then returned a short distance to watch him. Deceased then got up and walked at a good pace towards Winchester for about a quarter of a mile, when he fell down. He, however, got on his legs again before Lay, who had followed him, could reach him, and pursued his route, but on passing near Headbourne Worthy Church, he fell down with great violence. When Lay got up to him, he found that his hat was off, and his arms extended. Lay raised him and seated him on the foot-path ; he made no answer to his enquiries, but groaned as if suffering pain. They remained there for some minutes, till two young men of Worthy returning home came up and offered their assistance. Deceased wanted to know who they were, and being informed, wished them not to return with him but to go on to their homes. He at length accepted their assistance and reached the turnpike gate, where he remained for some time talking incoherently. They again set forward, but on ascending the hill leading to Winchester the deceased appeared to be nearly exhausted, and got worse and worse till they had reached the portion of the road opposite Burton Farm, where deceased was sick, lost all power, and became totally insensible. Lay then took him on his back, and with the assistance of the two young men, carried him to the George Hotel, where they arrived at about one o'clock, the deceased having been exposed for nearly two hours to the intense cold, and a portion of the time being without a hat or neckerchief, the latter being removed in consequence of the deceased complaining of a difficulty in breathing. At the George Inn every attention wat paid him. Immediately after his arrival, H. G. Lyford, esq. was sent for, who remained with him till within an hour of his death, when he was relieved by his son. Mr. Lyford found him quite unconscious, and insensible to anything which might be done for him. The surface of the body was generally quite cold, and his breathing noisy and laborious. Remedies to restore animation were adopted but entirely failed, especially as to the warmth of the body. His power of swallowing was gone, and therefore nothing could be administered internally. Mr. Lyford was of opinion that the deceased was in a dying state the whole of the time he was with him, and that the primary cause of his death was exposure to intense cold, accelerated by a slight degree of intoxication, and enlargement of the glands, of the neck, to which deceased was subject, which produced a congestion of the vital organs. The Jury after a short deliberation returned a verdict to that effect. Mr. Wall was in the 32nd year of his age
1845 Mar 20 Worcester Journal: Claims on the estate of John Binns Wall, late of Worthy Park, deceased to Henry Hall and Cheslyn Hall, 16 New Boswell Court, London
1845 Mar Q Death of John Binns Wall registered in Winchester
1845 Mar 4 National Archives: PROB 11/2015/40 Will of John Binns Wall
1846 Jan 16 London Gazette: Decree of the High Court of Chancery in cause of Wall against Hall and others, creditors of John Binns Wall, late of Worthy Park, in the County of Southampton, who died in or about the month of February 1845, to prove their debts.
1847 Apr 17 Hampshire Advertiser: Sale of furniture and furnishings of Worthy Park, valuable effects of the late John Binns Wall Esq. The mansion is to be let on lease.
1860 Mar 17 Hampshire Advertiser: In Chancery; George Alfred Ellis Wall, of Rowney Abbey, Great Munden, Herts, is plaintiff, Henry Hall and others are defendants in the matter of Worthy Park, devised by the will of John Binns Wall deceased. Sale of land at Worthy Park
1861 London Gazette: George Alfred Ellis Wall, of Marshalls High Cross near Ware, Herts, selling land and property from Worthy Park estate
1862 Mar 9 Worcester Journal: In Chancery; George Alfred Ellis Wall, of Kings Worthy, Hants plaintif, Henry Hall and others defendants in the matter of Worthy Park, devised by the will of John Binns Wall deceased
1872 Mar 8 London Gazette: As above

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Marriage: about November 1812 -- Chelsea
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