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Individuals with surname C.
1I17196Caborn, Ada Adaabout 1879 about March 192849Bourne FYESY100R
2I8190Caffrey, Catherine Veronica Maureen Catherine Veronica Maureen1 September 1899Ballincurry 16 August 195656Boston FYESY100R
3I15464Caine, Annie Annie1859Hull 6 September 193172Hull FYESY100R
4I23955Caldcleugh, Hilda Hilda1908North Shields   FYESYES
5I23954Caldcleugh, John John1874Bishop Auckland   MYESYESR
6I8440Caldwell, Harrison Harrisonabout 1814Gainsborough 16 October 189783Sailors Gully MYESYESR
7I23676Callaghan, Irving Irving   MYESYESR
8I23619Callighan, Irving Irving22 May 1889Burnley 197080Burnley MYESY100R
9I23123Callighan, Irving Irving1890Burnley   MYESYESR
10I23620Callighan, Victor Victor1910Burnley   MYESYES
11I16601Calloway, Chandler Mell Chandler Mell   MYESYESR
12I16571Calloway, Lydia Lydia7 May 1818Georgia   FYESYESR
13I9852Calverley, Mary Ann Mary Annabout 1823Steton   FYESYESR
14I19121Calvert, Denys Heywood Denys Heywood1910North Bierley   MYESYES
15I10078Calvert, James Jamesabout 1848Eccleshill   MYESYESR
16I10079Calvert, James Lazenby James LazenbyMarch 1875Bradford   MYESYES
17I10437Camb, Thomas Thomasabout 1828   MYESYESR
18I10233Cameron, Margaret Margaretabout 1884Barrie   FYESYESR
19I3962Camm, ANN ANNabout 1833Bentham - YKS 30 December 190370Brierfield FYESYESR
20I18888Camm, Lucy Jane Lucy Janeabout June 1854Burn 15 May 190045Tadcaster FYESYESR
21I17410Campbell, Oliver Finlay Oliver Finlay15 January 1998London 9 January 19990London MY100Y100
22I18851Campbell, Robert Harold Robert Haroldabout 1881 24 December 196786London MYESY100R
23I18062Campkin, Daisy Hilda Daisy Hilda   FYESYESR
24I20979Campkin, Hilda Hilda17 June 1881Hertingfordbury 4 October 197190Oxford FYESY100R
25I20916Candlin, Alice Marguerite Alice Marguerite3 November 1913Changchun 6 January 201399Somerset FYESY100
26I23057Candlin, Arthur George Arthur George1916 19 June 194226Burma MYESY100
27I17077Candlin, George Alfred George Alfred1886China 14 January 196882Jersey MYESY100
28I20918Candlin, George T George T1854New Dale   MYESYESR
29I19102Candlin, Richard Eric Richard Eric28 April 1919Mukden 10 January 201191 MYESY100
30I23058Candlin, Sylvia Sylvia1921 195029 FY100Y100
31I15129Cane, George Frederick George Frederickabout December 1874Warminster   MYESYESR
32I22089Cant, Emma Louisa Emma Louisa1825Great Staughton   FYESYESR
33I4443Cantelo, Elizabeth Ann Elizabeth Annabout 1820Prince Edward Island   FYESYESR
34I18363Cantrell, Edward Arthur Edward Arthurabout 1846Sheffield   MYESYESR
35I19743Capstick, James James1847Clapham 23 March 191871Morecambe MYESYESR
36I20971Carass, Hannah Hannah1850   FYESYESR
37I24731Carass, Joseph Joseph1810Boroughbridge   MYESYESR
38I11582Cardous, Mary Maryabout 1821Keighley 13 August 189069Great Horton FYESYESR
39I16024Carey, Ronald C Adrian Ronald C Adrian1922Cambridge 20 May 201795Sleaford MY100Y100R
40I16736Cargill, Anna Elizabeth Anna Elizabeth1886Pennsylvania   FYESYESR
41I15156Carley, Irene F Irene Fabout 1913Michigan   FYESYESR
42I5573CARLISLE, ANN ANN10 November 1843Rawdon - YKS 191672Rawdon FYESYESR
43I12840Carlisle, Tamerson Tamersonabout 1877Michigan   FYESYESR
44I20137Carliss, Hannah Hannah1883Smethwick 8 March 196077Smethwick FYESY100R
45I20415Carlton, Edith Edith1897 5 January 195558Halifax FYESY100R
46I16758Carmany, Alema Alema1882Pennsylvania   FYESYESR
47I22946Carpenter, Albert Albert   MYESYESR
48I14994Carpenter, Ann O Ann Oabout 1865Arkansas   FYESYESR
49I22947Carpenter, Winifred Winifred1913Halifax   FYESYES
50I15571Carr, Ann Ann 14 May 1837 Malton FYESYESR
51I11416Carr, Edward Edward8 August 1898 2 May 198081 MYESY100R
52I8426Carr, Edwin Edwinabout 1857Otley   MYESYESR
53I6692Carr, HANNAH HANNAHabout 1811Harrogate - YKS 188271Dewsbury FYESYESR
54I15120Carr, Harry Harry8 June 1882Manningham about 195572Pawtucket MYESY100R
55I11417Carr, Ian Edward Ian Edward2 May 1933Keighley 1 June 200269 MY100Y100
56I16454Carr, James Jamesabout 1887Leeds   MYESYESR
57I23749Carr, John Henry John Henry   MYESYESR
58I2705Carr, Maria Maria30 May 1796Wilsden 10 March 183033Allerton FYESYESR
59I21100Carr, William William1872Keighley   MYESYESR
60I15309Carr, William James William James 24 May 1882 Langroyd MYESYESR
61I24167Carradice, Agnes Agnes19 February 1909Keighley   FYESYESR
62I12812Carrie, William William   MYESYESR
63I9520Carrington, Eliza Elizaabout 1878Oxenhope 28 January 194971Swinton FYESY100R
64I13025Carrodus, Margaret Frances Margaret Francesabout 1890 15 February 194959Harrogate FYESY100R
65I20395Carroll, Katie Katie   FYESYESR
66I15312Carter, Ann Annabout 1813 6 July 186754Dogley FYESYESR
67I21960Carter, Bright D Bright D1863Saddleworth   MYESYESR
68I4611Carter, Charles Willoughby Earle Charles Willoughby Earle   MYESYESR
69I22454Carter, Doris Almeda Doris Almeda9 January 1898 24 February 198688Morecambe and Heysham FYESY100R
70I14401Carter, Dorothy May Dorothy May13 October 1909 about 198575 FYESY100R
71I4014Carter, JANE JANEabout 1834Stalybridge - CHS   FYESYESR
72I456Carter, Martha Ann Martha Annabout 1869West Vale   FYESYESR
73I22433Carter, Matthew Wearly Matthew Wearly1880Saham 2 August 195979Bradford MYESY100R
74I9134Carter, Ruth Ruthabout 1816Yorkshire   FYESYESR
75I17922Carter, Sophia Elizabeth Sophia Elizabethabout 1871 1 October 194675Sowerby Bridge FYESY100R
76I22878Cartman, Frank J Frank J1890New Somerby   MYESYES
77I102Cartman, Horace Bertram Horace BertramJune 1880Grantham   MYESYES
78I6838Cartman, JANE Clare Augustine JANE Clare Augustineabout 1851Skipton - YKS 20 May 193786Thornton FYESY100
79I104Cartman, John Johnabout 1846Great Yarmouth   MYESYES
80I112Cartman, John Johnabout 1807Ripon   MYESYESR
81I103Cartman, John Philip Chabert John Philip ChabertJune 1875Thorney 9 January 194165Guildford MYESY100
82I106Cartman, Mary E Mary Eabout 1849Skipton   FYESYES
83I22879Cartman, Sarah Maud Sarah Maud1877Cambridgeshire   FYESYES
84I10815Cartwright, Ethel D Ethel Dabout 1893Bedale   FYESYES
85I8826Cartwright, Jane Janeabout 1839Birmingham before December 186627 FYESYESR
86I4076Cartwright, John Johnabout 1870Bradford   MYESYES
87I4750Cartwright, MARY ANN MARY ANNabout 1849Bradford - YKS   FYESYESR
88I11693Cartwright, Oliver Oliver1853Wombourne   MYESYESR
89I9648Cartwright, Thomas Thomasabout 1840Clayworth   MYESYESR
90I10660Carver, Mary Elizabeth Mary Elizabethabout 1874Huddersfield 7 November 194874Welwyn FYESY100R
91I22308Casey, Beatrice Beatrice1911Halifax   FYESYES
92I19424Casey, Elizabeth E Elizabeth E   FYESYESR
93I22307Casey, John John   MYESYESR
94I8637Cash, Sarah Jane Sarah Jane   FYESYESR
95I16985Cashin, Mary Mary   FYESYESR
96I4913Cass, BETTY BETTYabout 1824Rochdale - LAN   FYESYESR
97I8961Cass, Esther Estherabout 1877Leeds   FYESYESR
98I18783Cassidy, Margaret E Margaret E5 June 1882Pennsylvania   FYESYESR
99I8842Cassidy, Thomas Thomas11 March 1906 29 June 197367Cheadle MYESY100R
100I16888Cassity, Mary Matilda Mary Matilda26 May 1857Rowan 15 February 193981Pittsfield FYESY100R
101I4796Casson, MARY Alice MARY Aliceabout 1859Morecambe - LAN   FYESYES
102I6308CASSON, William William   MYESYESR
103I13385Castelnovo, Pietro Pietroabout 1856Lecco   MYESYESR
104I11338Castelow, Mary Maryabout 1816Kirkstall   FYESYESR
105I20774Castle, George George1824Kirkburton   MYESYESR
106I15485Castlehouse, Sarah Sarah   FYESYESR
107I9607Catlow, Albert Albertabout 1875Burnley   MYESYESR
108I1398Catlow, MATILDA MATILDAabout 1841Denton - LAN   FYESYESR
109I11137Catton, Ann Annabout 1817Birkby   FYESYESR
110I19384Catton, Arnold Arnold1912Huddersfield   MYESYES
111I6231Catton, Eliza Ann Eliza Annabout 1859Liversedge - YKS   FYESYESR
112I11134Catton, Elizabeth Elizabethabout 1812Huddersfield   FYESYESR
113I19383Catton, Frank Frank1881 5 April 195675Newsome MYESY100R
114I24904Cavanagh, Ernest Ernest23 January 1883   MYESYESR
115I4700Cave, ANNIE Elizabeth ANNIE Elizabeth1849Gainsborough - LIN   FYESYESR
116I7822Cave, Vera Veraabout 15 October 1926Bradford about 1 April 199164Bradford FY100Y100R
117I12878Cavers, Jeanette Jeanette1851Boston 29 June 192675Maynard FYESY100R
118I24172Cawdell, Bessie M Bessie M24 February 1905   FYESYESR
119I22155Cawdery, Lilian Lilian1900   FYESYESR
120I24Cawthorne, Hannah Hannahabout 1801Knottingley   FYESYESR
121I19589Cawthra, Eliza Eliza1861Liversedge   MYESYES
122I10077Cawthra, Irene Ireneabout March 1900Bradford   FYESYES
123I11626Cawthra, James Jamesabout 1815Liversedge   MYESYESR
124I10076Cawthra, William Williamabout 1874Bradford   MYESYESR
125I20039Chadwick, Beatrice Beatrice1893Wortley   FYESYES
126I23028Chadwick, Benjamin Benjamin1851Butterworth   MYESYESR
127I24406Chadwick, Dorothy Dorothy1 September 1909Hunslet   FYESYESR
128I6212Chadwick, ELIZABETH ELIZABETHabout 1839Wibsey   FYESYESR
129I9596Chadwick, Emily Emilyabout 1861Chorley 18 July 194988Burnley FYESY100R
130I24755Chadwick, Jessie Jessie1 September 1904   FYESYESR
131I23030Chadwick, Martha Martha1879Milnrow   FYESYES
132I23029Chadwick, Mary Ann Mary Ann1874Butterworth   FYESYES
133I20036Chadwick, Sarah Jane Sarah Jane1889Yorkshire   FYESYES
134I23061Chadwick, Thomas Thomas1842Darwen   MYESYESR
135I20035Chadwick, Walter Walter1867Yorkshire   MYESYESR
136I20037Chadwick, Walter Walter1891Yorkshire   MYESYES
137I15304Chaffer, Ivy Ivy29 March 1905Huddersfield about November 199388Huddersfield FYESY100R
138I21937Chalcraft, Wilma Frances Wilma Frances8 October 1915Calgary 16 January 201094Hamilton FYESY100R
139I23352Chalk, George George1840Wiswell   MYESYESR
140I23353Chalk, Jane Ellen Jane Ellen1860Padiham   FYESYES
141I18188Chaloner, Ella Marion Ella Marion20 August 1880Camberwell 29 April 197190Bath FYESY100R
142I16948Chamberlain, Celo W Celo W1900Illinois 14 April 199999Pittsfield FYESY100R
143I10855Chambers, Annice Anniceabout 1867Halifax 27 December 193265Blackpool FYESY100R
144I18748Chambers, Arthur Arthurabout March 1901Bradford about 198381 MYESY100
145I18750Chambers, Margaret Margaretabout March 1914Bradford   FYESYES
146I18749Chambers, Marion Marionabout June 1905Bradford   FYESYES
147I8340Chambers, Martha Marthaabout 1823Underwood   FYESYESR
148I20783Chambers, Moses Moses1845Oldham   MYESYES
149I12163Chambers, Percy Percy13 October 1874Bradford 5 March 195883Bradford MYESY100R
150I21871Champion, Charles Frederick William Braddock Charles Frederick William Braddock1845Stepney   MYESYES
151I18802Champion, Clementina Mary Clementina Maryabout March 1847Stepney   FYESYES
152I15227Champion, George George1816St Nicholas   MYESYESR
153I19705Chandler, Charles Charles1825Surrey   MYESYESR
154I13953Chandler, Emily Jane Emily Janeabout 1863Woking   FYESYES
155I17157Chapman, Clara Clara1879 16 May 195374Bradford FYESY100R
156I21544Chapman, Clara Clara1879Wibsey   FYESYESR
157I23033Chapman, Doris Doris1899Nelson   FYESYES
158I12202Chapman, Florence Emily Florence Emilyabout 1896 8 March 197377Brigg FYESY100R
159I17924Chapman, Frank Currel Frank Currel 4 April 1944 Peterborough MYESY100R
160I23032Chapman, Fred Fred1878East Morton   MYESYESR
161I1811Chapman, John John   MYESYESR
162I21811Chapman, Tom Tom1881Warley   MYESYESR
163I7622Chapple, Frances Sarah Frances Sarahabout 1836Liverpool 7 July 190064Blackpool FYESYESR
164I17115Charles, Constance M Constance M   FYESYESR
165I6686Charlesworth, Hannah Hannahabout 1839Hts Liversedge - YKS   FYESYESR
166I2448Charlesworth, SARAH SARAHabout 1817Barnsley - YKS   FYESYESR
167I20177Charlesworth, Thomas Thomas   MYESYESR
168I7338Charnock, Charity Charity11 January 1841Mucky Lane   FYESYESR
169I21355Charnock, Harry Harry1902Bingley   MYESYES
170I13897Charnock, Joseph Josephabout 1872Bingley   MYESYESR
171I21356Charnock, Tom Binns Tom Binns1907Bingley   MYESYES
172I3938CHATBURN, ANN ANNabout 1846Burley In Wharfedale - YKS 5 August 191872Keighley FYESYESR
173I602Chatten, Sarah Sarahabout 1824Bedingham   FYESYESR
174I491Chatterton, George Georgeabout 1888Sheffield   MYESYES
175I23268Chatterton, John John1842   MYESYESR
176I492Chatterton, Thomas Henry Thomas Henryabout 1858Sheffield 8 March 190850Sheffield MYESYESR
177I7831Cheale, Peter Charles Peter Charles21 January 1951London 1 April 199746Bradford MY100Y100R
178I11316Cheatle, Mary Elizabeth Mary Elizabethabout 1874Nottingham 193561Sheffield FYESY100R
179I21166Cheetham, Frederick Binns Frederick Binns1902Holly Farm   MYESYES
180I17023Cheetham, Joseph Joseph1872Newton 2 January 193361Newton MYESY100R
181I13873Cheetham, Laura Ellen Laura Ellenabout 1859Huddersfield about November 191657Liverpool FYESYESR
182I15067Cheever, Andrew Andrewabout 1859Michigan   MYESYESR
183I859Chenowith, Alma Alma27 January 1866Marion County 7 August 193468 FYESY100R
184I23520Cherry, Sarah Jane Sarah Jane1824Heptonstall   FYESYESR
185I20535Cheshire, Sarah Ann Sarah Ann1859Birmingham 191354Derbyshire FYESYESR
186I16071Chester, George George   MYESYESR
187I24446Chester, George William George William13 November 1893 26 January 196167Ealand MYESY100R
188I16439Chester, Mary Agnes Mary Agnes20 February 1883Thornton about March 197289Staincliffe FYESY100R
189I16072Chester, Warren Warren12 January 1882Baltimore   MYESYES
190I23047Child, John Irving John Irving1863Colne 11 February 195087Burnley MYESY100R
191I11835Child, Martha Martha   FYESYESR
192I23048Child, Walter Walter1891Colne   MYESYES
193I15096Childs, Samuel S Samuel Sabout September 1866Connecticut   MYESYESR
194I12110Chinn, Frederick Frederickabout 1887Liverpool   MYESYESR
195I15623Chipman, William Henry William Henryabout 1860Utah   MYESYESR
196I24811Chippendale, Lena E Lena E29 October 1908   FYESYESR
197I24765Chown, Florence Mabel Florence Mabel4 August 1896 198891Croydon FYESY100R
198I15810Christian, Anna P Anna Pabout 1845New Kent   FYESYESR
199I22305Churchman, Alfred Alfred1851Norfolk 189039Halifax MYESYESR
200I22306Churchman, Clarice Clarice1890Southowram   FYESYES
201I22310Churchman, Elizabeth Ann Elizabeth Ann1877Rastrick   FYESYES
202I22311Churchman, Harriet Ann Harriet Ann1880Southowram   FYESYES
203I22312Churchman, Walter Walter1883Halifax   MYESYES
204I23404Chute, Kate Kate1881Rochdale   FYESYESR
205I6987Chute, MARGARET MARGARETabout 1838Halifax - YKS 189557Halifax FYESYESR
206I7270Clafton, Edwin Edwinabout 1851Ossett   MYESYESR
207I18002Clancey, Bertha Bertha13 January 1910   FYESYESR
208I14021Clapham, George Percy Parker George Percy Parkerabout 1867Stonycroft 30 October 192962Leeds MYESY100R
209I23810Clapham, Sarah Sarah1830Hartshead   FYESYESR
210I1796Clapham, William William   MYESYESR
211I16687Clapperton, David A David A   MYESYESR
212I16973Clarahan, Burton Burton1902Iowa   MYESYESR
213I10398Clark, Ada Adaabout 1868Deptford   FYESYESR
214I11006Clark, Charlotte Charlotteabout 1850Bradford   FYESYES
215I11025Clark, Christopher William Christopher Williamabout 1851Corfu   MYESYES
216I20851Clark, Clara Clara1866St Luke   FYESYESR
217I11022Clark, Emma Eliza Emma Elizaabout 1857Newcastle September 1940
24 November 1940
83Burton on Trent FYESY100
218I17669Clark, Fanny Fanny   FYESYESR
219I24837Clark, Gladys Gladys25 November 1918   FYESYESR
220I9027Clark, Grace Graceabout 1816Glusburn   FYESYESR
221I18581Clark, Harry Harry   MYESYESR
222I12802Clark, Herbert Warner Herbert Warnerabout 1885Lynn   MYESYESR
223I12190Clark, Isabella Isabella8 August 1905   FYESYESR
224I24392Clark, Ivy V Ivy V28 September 1896   FYESYESR
225I11004Clark, James Jamesabout 1818Bradford   MYESYESR
226I20257Clark, Jane Jane1815Bolton   FYESYESR
227I11003Clark, Jane Baston Jane Bastonabout 1841Bradford about September 191877Bradford FYESYES
228I21648Clark, Leonard Leonard1887Oldham   MYESYESR
229I19355Clark, Lucy Lloyd Lucy Lloyd19 September 1873 1971
22 February 1971
97Bridge FYESY100R
230I22905Clark, Mabel A Mabel A   FYESYESR
231I11026Clark, William William   MYESYESR
232I4164Clarke, Alfred Alfred1880   MYESYESR
233I19641Clarke, Annie A Annie A1870Tottenham 194878Bridge FYESY100R
234I8904Clarke, Bernard Fitwilliam Bernard Fitwilliamabout 1849Woodhall 189243Lincoln MYESYESR
235I4505Clarke, Charles A Charles A   MYESYESR
236I4540Clarke, Elizabeth Elizabethabout 1786 23 August 184862Protestant Cemetery FYESYESR
237I16527Clarke, Ethel Alice Ethel Alice1883Shoal Lake 2 January 193249Haney FYESY100R
238I21135Clarke, Ethel Marion Ethel Marion1879Coventry   FYESYESR
239I8906Clarke, Frank Frankabout March 1881Lincoln   MYESYES
240I8905Clarke, Helen Mary Helen Maryabout 1880Lincoln   FYESYES
241I12867Clarke, John B John Babout 1845Wilmont Valley 10 May 190762Revere MYESYES
242I15695Clarke, Laura T Laura Tabout 1870Mount Pleasant Baptist Church   FYESYESR
243I24604Clarke, Mary A Mary A   FYESYESR
244I18089Clarke, Phyllis Phyllis24 December 1904   FYESYESR
245I12378Clarke, Sarah Jane Sarah Janeabout 1877   FYESYESR
246I596Clarkson, Kate Francis Caroline Kate Francis Carolineabout 1826Wrexham   FYESYESR
247I22968Clarkson, Thomas Thomas1887 8 June 195366Norland MYESY100R
248I20207Clarvis, George Edwin George Edwin16 December 1896Glanford Brigg 197578Scunthorpe MYESY100R
249I12752Claus, Amelia Ameliaabout 1871USA   FYESYESR
250I24278Clay, Annie Annie15 September 1915   FYESYESR
251I9255Clay, Nancy or Nanny Nancy or Nannyabout 1781   FYESYESR
252I6796Clayber, JANE JANEabout 1831Woodlesford - YKS   FYESYESR
253I13967Clayton, Ada Eveline Ada Eveline11 September 1891Halifax 31 May 197280Wainstalls FYESY100R
254I24378Clayton, Annie Annie22 December 1889   FYESYESR
255I6177Clayton, ELIZABETH ELIZABETHabout 1852Bradford - YKS   FYESYESR
256I24597Clayton, Elizabeth Emma Elizabeth Emma1882 191028Haslingden FYESYESR
257I20184Clayton, Emma Emma   FYESYESR
258I1756Clayton, Gertrude Gertrude29 June 1883Birmingham 31 January 197086Coventry FYESY100R
259I6658Clayton, HANNAH HANNAHabout 1846Ovenden - YKS   FYESYESR
260I8531Clayton, Leslie John Leslie John17 July 1912Cheltenham 8 May 197865Box Hill MYESY100R
261I11661Clayton, Martha Marthaabout 1846Keighley   FYESYES
262I18717Clayton, Martha Jane Martha Janeabout 1854Bradford about December 192571North Bierley FYESY100R
263I24922Clayton, Merinda Merinda15 August 1870Wakefield   FYESYESR
264I11660Clayton, Thomas Thomasabout 1821Keighley   MYESYESR
265I17370Cleary, Mary Mary1827Cullen 27 December 190376Nhill FYESYESR
266I21899Clegg, Alfred Alfred1873New Hey   MYESYESR
267I10747Clegg, Ann Annabout 1821Rochdale   FYESYES
268I23475Clegg, Charles Charles1778Rochdale   MYESYESR
269I23909Clegg, Emma Emma1875England 9 April 194469Spokane FYESY100
270I13896Clegg, Fred Fredabout 1872Huddersfield   MYESYESR
271I17846Clegg, James Ernest James Ernest   MYESYESR
272I19991Clegg, Jane Jane1887 191932Haslingden FYESYESR
273I23913Clegg, John John1841Lancashire   MYESYESR
274I23470Clegg, John John1852Rochdale   MYESYES
275I7016Clegg, MARGARET MARGARETabout 1828Burnley - LAN 31 October 190476Burnley FYESYESR
276I17731Clegg, Mary Walton Mary Walton1842   FYESYESR
277I23469Clegg, William William1824Wardle   MYESYESR
278I24433Clement, Rosa M Rosa M12 December 1902   FYESYESR
279I14852Clements, Mabon M Mabon Mabout 1880New Brunswick   MYESYESR
280I19634Cleworth, James James1828Leigh 21 March 188456Rochdale MYESYESR
281I15254Clews, Ernest Matheson Ernest Mathesonabout July 1931 about December 201281 MY100Y100R
282I1634Cliff, ELIZABETH ELIZABETHabout 1835Leeds - YKS   FYESYESR
283I15885Cliffe, Dorothy Mary Dorothy Mary10 September 1894   FYESYESR
284I22226Cliffe, Elizabeth Elizabeth1841   FYESYESR
285I7625Clifford, Adelaide Ann Adelaide Annabout 1839Hampstead   FYESYESR
286I860Cline, Frank Frank about 1902 Burlington MYESYESR
287I25045Clitherow, Annie Annie1871St Helens   FYESYESR
288I22102Clough, (unknown) (unknown)   MYESYESR
289I20047Clough, Anna Anna1818Kildwick   FYESYESR
290I15126Clough, Edith Edithabout June 1893Bradford   FYESYESR
291I25022Clough, Edith Edith18 April 1895   FYESYESR
292I17691Clough, Ruth Ruthabout 1817Horton   FYESYESR
293I13792Clough, Sarah Sarah1837 27 March 191174Cleckheaton FYESYESR
294I4373CLOUGH, Susan Susanabout 1788Crosshills - YKS   FYESYESR
295I8628Clover, David Martin David Martin11 August 1822Hamilton 1 February 187855Oswego MYESYESR
296I24934Cluderay, Harriet Harriet1880Cutler Heights   FYESYESR
297I21132Clulee, Frederick Duncan Frederick Duncan1904Kings Norton   MYESYESR
298I4162Coad, Richard Lawson Richard Lawson2 June 1873Ilfracombe 16 January 194066Wincanton MYESY100R
299I7527Coates, Caroline Jane Caroline Janeabout 1875Keighley   FYESYESR
300I23218Coates, Cherry Cherry1868Burnley 193971Burnley MYESY100R
301I23017Coates, Mary Mary1829Swaledale March 187445Brierfield FYESYESR
302I23663Coates, Rachel Rachel1894Burnley   FYESYES
303I19815Cobb, Geoffrey Belton Geoffrey Belton1892 197179 MYESY100R
304I23647Cochrane, (unknown) (unknown)   MYESYESR
305I23648Cochrane, Jane E Jane E1922Chorley   FY100YES
306I9375Cockitt, Elizabeth Elizabethabout 1847Bradford   FYESYESR
307I23210Cockrill, Annie Ruth Annie Ruth1891
15 June 1891
Manitoba 23 August 197079North Vancouver FYESY100R
308I11773Cockroft, Margaret Margaret1871Mountain   FYESYESR
309I24444Cockshaw, Robert Edmund Robert Edmund1902Barnsley 193634Doncaster MYESY100R
310I223Coe, Fanny Fanny   FYESYESR
311I20204Coe, Fanny Rebecca Fanny Rebecca1871Cambridgeshire   FYESYESR
312I10209Coe, Thomas Newton Thomas Newtonabout 1843Halifax   MYESYESR
313I15117Coggan, Florence G Florence G   FYESYESR
314I10817Coggin, Susannah Susannahabout 1797Sowerby 21 April 186568Bradford FYESYESR
315I19356Coghlan, Thomas Richard Thomas Richard1871 3 August 194069Herne Bay MYESY100R
316I20164Coldwell, Evelyn Evelyn   FYESYESR
317I9005Cole, Eliza Elizaabout 1867Bradford   FYESYESR
318I8729Coles, Mary Ann Mary Annabout 1864Luton 4 January 193066Colne FYESY100R
319I15994Colgrave, Edmund Edmund9 April 1860Ecclesall 4 April 193069Sheffield MYESY100R
320I15992Colgrave, Godfrey Godfrey23 November 1905Ecclesall 22 April 198478Frecheville MYESY100
321I19268Colledge, Frances Frances1893Haworth   FYESYESR
322I24331Colley, John E John E   MYESYESR
323I4794Collier, MARY Ann MARY Annabout 1856Peterborough - NTH   FYESYESR
324I2269Collier, SUSANNAH SUSANNAHabout 1857Bingley - YKS   FYESYESR
325I22228Collinge, James James1869   MYESYESR
326I18665Collinge, Mary Ann Mary Annabout 1847Burnley 189346Burnley FYESYESR
327I19108Collingham, Arthur H Arthur H   MYESYESR
328I4451Collings, Mary Couch Mary Couch 20 September 1872  FYESYESR
329I9328Collins, Benjamin Benjamin   MYESYESR
330I12033Collins, Catherine Marie Catherine Marie5 January 1905Bridgeport 7 April 198277Palm Beach FYESY100R
331I13437Collins, Clement Clementabout 1873Greetland   MYESYESR
332I9076Collins, Frances Mary Neville Frances Mary Neville24 October 1852Leeds 16 October 191360Leeds FYESYES
333I13954Collins, Martha Jane Martha Janeabout 1883Colchester 192037Colchester FYESYESR
334I21803Collins, Richard Livingstone Richard Livingstone1888Manchester   MYESYESR
335I21804Collins, Richard Livingstone Richard Livingstone1912Chorlton   MYESYES
336I17512Collins, William Williamabout 1900Delaware   MYESYESR
337I11531Collinson, David Davidabout 1862Dudley Hill   MYESYESR
338I13637Collinson, Eleanor Jane Nellie Eleanor Jane Nellieabout 1861Ripon 194483Leeds FYESY100R
339I17781Collomosse, Rowland Rowland   MYESYESR
340I12579Coltman, Elaine Marguerite Elaine MargueriteSeptember 1905Bedford 20 January 199488Liss FYESY100R
341I15954Combs, Mary Alma Mary Alma5 April 1906   FYESYESR
342I3241Compston, Frank Frankabout 1873Woodston 8 March 191744Stoke-on-Trent MYESYESR
343I18814Compston, Hilda Alice Hilda Aliceabout March 1904Stoke-on-Trent   FYESYES
344I21378Compton, Charles H E Charles H E   MYESYESR
345I8631Comstock, Capt. Andrew Jackson Capt. Andrew Jackson31 October 1828Venice 15 February 190778Ventura MYESYESR
346I1969Coning, George Frederick George Frederick1895   MYESYESR
347I13479Conlen, Peter Francis Peter Francisabout 1868Manchester   MYESYESR
348I22944Connelly, Albert Albert1911Ingrow   MYESYES
349I19265Connelly, Charles Charles1877Halifax 195780Halifax MYESY100R
350I19676Connelly, Charles Charles1877Halifax   MYESYESR
351I22943Connelly, Frank Frank1909Ingrow   MYESYES
352I22942Connelly, George George1902Ingrow   MYESYES
353I22945Connelly, Laura A Laura A1912Halifax   FYESYES
354I16987Conner, Mary Mary1870New York 192555Valhalla FYESY100R
355I6229Connolly, Elizabeth Elizabeth 16 June 1806 Dublin FYESYESR
356I4820Connor, Jane Jane21 June 1796Bishops 10 July 183236 FYESYESR
357I16502Conway, Ann Annabout June 1907Colne   FYESYES
358I16503Conway, Dennis Dennis9 April 1910Colne   MYESYES
359I8854Conway, Elsie Elsie   FYESYESR
360I18772Conway, Florence Whitaker Florence Whitakerabout September 1919Burnley   FYESYES
361I16500Conway, Herbert Herbertabout March 1904Nelson   MYESYES
362I18771Conway, John William John Williamabout March 1916Burnley   MYESYES
363I16499Conway, John William John Williamabout 1881Keighley   MYESYESR
364I16501Conway, Leo Leoabout June 1905Colne   MYESYES
365I18770Conway, Milton Miltonabout December 1913Burnley   MYESYES
366I5571Cook, AMELIA AMELIAabout 1855Haworth - YKS   FYESYESR
367I19621Cook, Elizabeth Elizabeth1812Rochdale 186654Rochdale FYESYESR
368I17076Cook, Elizabeth Elizabeth6 August 1891   FYESYESR
369I20504Cook, Florence Joan Florence Joan1917Skipton   FYESYES
370I7693Cook, Joseph Henry Joseph Henry   MYESYESR
371I20503Cook, Margaret H Margaret H1915Skipton   FYESYES
372I8611Cook, Mary Jane Mary Janeabout 1843Howden 28 December 192582Ripon FYESY100
373I2702Cook, Rebecca Rebeccaabout 1850Haworth - YKS 12 January 191363Oxenhope - YKS FYESYESR
374I23977Cook, William William1819Sheffield 10 February 187455Ashton under Lyne MYESYESR
375I22165Cooke, Bessie Bessie 14 March 1959 Rochdale FYESY100R
376I21931Cooke, Thomas Hartley Thomas Hartley1878Reddish   MYESYESR
377I25035Cooke, Winifred Annie Winifred Annie29 April 1911Stourbridge 5 December 197362Radford FYESY100R
378I18818Cookson, Edna Ednaabout March 1908Keighley   FYESYES
379I8352Cookson, James Jamesabout 1854Wakefield   MYESYESR
380I18712Cookson, Jesse Jesseabout September 1881Keighley 27 November 195574Riddlesden MYESY100R
381I15431Cooling, Marion Elizabeth Marion Elizabeth   FYESYESR
382I9892Coolledge, Doris Lucy Doris Lucyabout March 1902Goole about January 193734Keighley FYESY100R
383I14316Cooney, Mary Ann Hedlam Mary Ann Hedlamabout 1879South Shields   FYESYESR
384I20790Coop, Norman Binns Norman Binns1900Oldham above Town   MYESYES
385I20789Coop, Robert Robert1894Oldham above Town   MYESYES
386I20788Coop, Walter Walter1872Oldham 15 October 191543Oldham MYESYESR
387I18825Cooper, Alfred Lloyd Alfred Lloyd 1 June 1916 Roehampton MYESYESR
388I21299Cooper, Ann Ann1888Keighley   FYESYES
389I15993Cooper, Annie Hurst Annie Hurst5 May 1908Broomhall 23 June 198678Derby FYESY100R
390I21300Cooper, Edward Edward1891Yorkshire   MYESYES
391I22391Cooper, Eric George Eric George3 July 1908   MYESYESR
392I13763Cooper, George Georgeabout 1875Horbury   MYESYESR
393I543Cooper, Grace Grace 13 November 1801 Wakefield FYESYESR
394I21028Cooper, James James1864   UYESYESR
395I21913Cooper, James James1861Bury   MYESYESR
396I4012Cooper, Jane Janeabout 1833Kirton - LIN 17 July 190673Kirton in Lindsey FYESYESR
397I18471Cooper, Joseph Joseph   MYESYESR
398I20639Cooper, Livsey Livsey   MYESYESR
399I17740Cooper, May Alice May Alice   FYESYESR
400I24901Cooper, Ruth E Ruth E21 June 1889   FYESYESR
401I1516Coran, Janetta Alice Janetta Aliceabout 1843Bradlaw about 187835Halifax FYESYESR
402I14260Cordingley, Ada Adaabout 1885Bradford   FYESYESR
403I7488Cordingley, Sarah Sarahabout 1798Birstal   FYESYESR
404I13097Cork, Agnes Eliza Agnes Elizaabout 1882Bradford 31 December 197088Manchester FYESY100R
405I17868Cork, Ellen Ellenabout 1883 20 October 194360Nelson FYESY100R
406I8571Cornelius, Eunice Lola Eunice Lola29 November 1908Christian Co. 5 June 199384Christian Co. FYESY100R
407I15132Cornock, Bert Bert28 May 1911 198573Lichfield MYESY100R
408I1784Corns, Esther Estherabout 1873Liverpool 3 November 194673Bradford FYESY100R
409I16526Corry, George Alfred George Alfred1894Northumberland   MYESYESR
410I10351Corson, Alice Aliceabout 1895Bradford   FYESYES
411I10349Corson, Charles Strange Charles Strangeabout 1887Bradford   MYESYES
412I10350Corson, Harold Percy Harold Percyabout 1890Bradford   MYESYES
413I10346Corson, John Johnabout 1856Scotland   MYESYESR
414I10347Corson, Marian A J Marian A JDecember 1911Bradford   FYESYES
415I14650Corville, Laurinda P Laurinda P16 January 1829New York 16 November 188152Jo Daviess County FYESYESR
416I8646Cory, I I   MYESYESR
417I22148Costello, Elizabeth Elizabeth1902   FYESYESR
418I14911Cotham, Ann Elizabeth Ann Elizabethabout 1876Arkansas 15 March 196488Chicot County FYESY100R
419I9628Coton, Thomas Henry Thomas Henryabout 1842Birmingham about June 188745Birmingham MYESYESR
420I4727Cottam, Mary Jane C Mary Jane Cabout 1848Northampton 9 September 192981Malvern FYESY100R
421I8442Cottingham, Mary Jane Mary Janeabout 1839Wragby 186223Hulme FYESYESR
422I24052Cotton, Abel Abel1882Huddersfield   MYESYESR
423I22772Cotton, George Albert George Albert10 March 1892 5 January 198188Hebden Bridge MYESY100R
424I18689Cotton, Jack Jack   MYESYESR
425I6294Cottrell, Mary Elizabeth Mary Elizabethabout 1842West Bromwich - STF 22 May 189452Barnhill FYESYESR
426I18301Cottrell, Muriel Hannah Muriel Hannah13 March 1896   FYESYESR
427I7932Coulson, George Cass George Cassabout 1848Whitby   MYESYESR
428I6697Coulson, HARRIET HARRIETabout 1859Coatham - YKS   FYESYESR
429I2401Coult, SARAH ANN SARAH ANNabout 1854Howden - YKS 27 February 193278Morecambe and Heysham FYESY100R
430I22296Coulter, Sarah Sarah1875Leeds   FYESYESR
431I11266Coulter, Thomas Thomas   MYESYESR
432I2244Coulton, SYBILLA SYBILLAabout 1847Flappit - YKS 192376Keighley FYESY100R
433I20883Cound, Sarah Frances Sarah Frances1871Newtown   FYESYESR
434I21708Coupe, Harold Harold1899Oldham   MYESYES
435I14360Coupe, Joseph Joseph1871Oldham 28 May 194574Shipley MYESY100R
436I23736Cousans, Henry Victor Henry Victor20 June 1916Great Ouseburn 198164York MYESY100
437I17114Cousans, Oliver Ernest Oliver Ernest6 July 1891Great Ouseburn 196977York MYESY100R
438I23735Cousans, Reginald O Reginald O1915Great Ouseburn 19150Great Ouseburn MYESYES
439I22019Cowan, James Leonard James Leonard3 June 1975Nanaimo   MY100NR
440I23207Cowdell, Albert Ervin Albert Ervin1873Hollingworth 22 July 192956Ashton-under-Lyne MYESY100R
441I5171Cowen, ELIZABETH ANN ELIZABETH ANNabout 1862Bradford - YKS 6 August 192361Keighley FYESY100R
442I3129Cowgill, Alice Aliceabout 1867Cowling   FYESYESR
443I5204Cowgill, Elizabeth Elizabethabout 1822Cowling - YKS   FYESYESR
444I19151Cowgill, Emma Emma1877Cullingworth   FYESYESR
445I1957Cowgill, Sarah Sarah20 May 1804Kildwick 26 January 188176Keighley FYESYESR
446I24644Cowling, Ida Ida25 September 1890   FYESYESR
447I22272Cowling, Phyllis Edith Phyllis Edith1919South Africa   FYESYESR
448I25023Cowman, Alice Alice7 September 1899   FYESYESR
449I11789Cox, Annie Maria Annie Mariaabout 1867Chelford   FYESYESR
450I22225Cox, Frederick Frederick1846Somerset   MYESYESR
451I14841Cox, John Johnabout 1867Scotland   MYESYESR
452I1724Crabtree, (unknown) (unknown)   MYESYESR
453I17537Crabtree, (unknown) (unknown)   MYESYESR
454I7497Crabtree, Elizabeth Elizabethabout 1835Salterforth   FYESYESR
455I1722Crabtree, Elizabeth Elizabethabout 1826Rochdale   FYESYES
456I13323Crabtree, Frances Francesabout 1879Ashton   FYESYESR
457I21657Crabtree, George Charles George Charles1871Worden   MYESYESR
458I6652Crabtree, HANNAH HANNAHabout 1848Keighley - YKS 191163Keighley FYESYESR
459I1725Crabtree, Hannah Hannahabout 1828Rochdale December 189466Rochdale FYESYES
460I19436Crabtree, James James1868Oxenhope   MYESYESR
461I21004Crabtree, John Albert M John Albert M1859Bingley   MYESYESR
462I22054Crabtree, Nancy Nancy1811Lancashire 184635Burnley FYESYESR
463I11921Crabtree, Phyllis Mary Phyllis Mary1909 17 May 199586Bourne FYESY100
464I16207Crabtree, Rebecca Rebeccaabout 1873Ravensthorpe 1 June 194673Dewsbury FYESY100R
465I8763Crabtree, Sarah Sarah   FYESYESR
466I13187Crabtree, Sarah J Sarah Jabout 1899Denholme   FYESYES
467I11782Crabtree, Walter Walterabout 1859Bradford   MYESYESR
468I13186Crabtree, Willie Willieabout 1873Denholme 194168Keighley MYESY100R
469I18204Crabtree, Willie Willie   MYESYESR
470I6463Crackle, FANNY FANNYabout 1853Epworth - LIN   FYESYESR
471I18848Craft, Albert William John Albert William Johnabout 1900 28 March 196262Guys Hospital MYESY100R
472I18849Craft, Michael John Michael Johnabout September 1928Rochford 17 February 200475Gold Coast City MY100Y100
473I22867Cragg, Adelaide Adelaide   FYESYESR
474I18732Cragg, Catherine Alice Catherine Aliceabout June 1884Settle about March 190520Skipton FYESYES
475I18731Cragg, Edith Annie Edith Annieabout February 1881Skipton   FYESYES
476I18945Cragg, Leslie William James Leslie William Jamesabout 1906England   MYESYES
477I18728Cragg, Richard Balderston Richard Balderstonabout September 1850Kendal about June 190655Skipton MYESYESR
478I18911Cragg, Richard Balderston Alec Richard Balderston Alec5 December 1912Minatitlan 22 January 198168Kamloops MYESY100
479I18729Cragg, Richard Balderston Harry Richard Balderston Harry5 October 1879Skipton 15 April 196787Vancouver MYESY100
480I18946Cragg Jr, Richard Edward Richard Edwardabout 1918England   MYESYES
481I18733Cragg, Wilfred Balderston Wilfred Balderstonabout September 1887Ingleton 9 April 195365Linford MYESY100
482I16054Cramer, Josephine Josephineabout 1878Michigan   FYESYESR
483I19048Crampton, Florence Florence   FYESYESR
484I19829Cranage, Mary Mary1830Burton   FYESYESR
485I17526Crane, Ethel Ethel   FYESYESR
486I17454Craske, Pamela M Pamela M January 2012 Bourne FYESY100R
487I24577Craven, Amy Amy21 October 1899   FYESYESR
488I18344Craven, Edith Edithabout 1881Clayton 19 November 195473Morecambe and Heysham FYESY100R
489I18600Craven, Harriet Harrietabout 1887 20 November 195770Baildon FYESY100R
490I21118Craven, Henry William V Henry William V1849 187223Keighley MYESYESR
491I16455Craven, James Thomas James Thomasabout 1888Leeds   MYESYESR
492I10381Craven, Joan Joan7 February 1929 January 200575 FY100Y100R
493I1605CRAVEN, Mary Hannah Mary Hannah 14 March 1841 Keighley FYESYESR
494I16907Crawford, Elizabeth Jane Elizabeth Jane1892Montana   FYESYESR
495I899Crawford, Ellis Ellis   MYESYESR
496I1678Crawshaw, Hannah Hannah   FYESYESR
497I13976Crawshaw, John Johnabout 1866Barkisland   MYESYESR
498I15613Creer, Jane Janeabout 1813Colne 12 June 187764American Fork FYESYESR
499I9278Creswick, George Georgeabout 1819Berkshire 10 February 188162Rosedale MYESYESR
500I22358Crew, Matilda Annie Matilda Annie29 March 1895Islington   FYESYESR
501I20562Crewe, Edwin John Edwin John1857Swindon   MYESYESR
502I20563Crewe, Lilian Lilian1901Halifax   FYESYES
503I12985Cridge, (unknown) (unknown)England   MYESYESR
504I12987Cridge, Blanche Blancheabout September 1886Indiana   FYESYES
505I12988Cridge, Cleveland Clevelandabout September 1888Indiana   MYESYES
506I12986Cridge, Mabel MabelAugust 1884Indiana   FYESYES
507I4234Crighton, ANN Brignall ANN Brignallabout 1849Manchester - LAN   FYESYESR
508I24677Crisp, Leonard G Leonard G   MYESYESR
509I16957Criswell, May B May B11 August 1865Ohio 24 August 192964Marion County FYESY100R
510I24631Critchley, James James   MYESYESR
511I24912Crizzle, Adelaide Louisa Adelaide Louisa   FYESYESR
512I14850Crockett, John Thomas John Thomas2 February 1851Charlottetown   MYESYESR
513I14851Crockett, Lulu E Lulu Eabout 1878Prince Edward Island   FYESYES
514I24342Crompton, Annie Annie25 September 1895   FYESYESR
515I24309Crompton, Elsie Elsie12 September 1903   FYESYESR
516I9895Cronheimer, William William1896 25 March 196165Leeds MYESY100R
517I25012Crookes, Rachel M Rachel M2 October 1902   FYESYESR
518I22207Crooks, Isaac Isaac1863Cheshire   MYESYESR
519I7308Crooks, Selina Selinaabout 1816Huddersfield   FYESYESR
520I12142Cropper, Mary Anne Mary Anneabout 1821Lancashire   FYESYESR
521I14217Crosby, Ethel Ethelabout 1899Stockton   FYESYES
522I17926Crosby, George George   MYESYESR
523I14215Crosby, John Johnabout 1865Over Dinsdale   MYESYESR
524I14216Crosby, John Stanley John Stanleyabout 1892Stockton   MYESYES
525I17869Crosland, Edgar Edgar   MYESYESR
526I20133Crosland, James Edward James Edward1874Dewsbury 24 June 194470Batley MYESY100R
527I3032Crosland, MARY MARYabout 1852Kippax - YKS   FYESYESR
528I9422Crosland, Sarah Jane Furness Sarah Jane Furness3 March 1870Leeds   FYESYES
529I24690Cross, Edward Edward22 May 1899   MYESYESR
530I21917Cross, John John1821Bolton   MYESYESR
531I23925Cross, Vernon A Vernon A1900Washington State   MYESYESR
532I10229Crossley, Ann Annabout 1846Warley   FYESYESR
533I13566Crossley, Annie Elizabeth Annie Elizabethabout 1878Halifax   FYESYESR
534I18167Crossley, Ellen Ellenabout 1908 17 November 196153Rawtenstall FYESY100R
535I23014Crossley, Halstead Halstead1822Cliviger   MYESYESR
536I19602Crossley, Hannah Hannah1803Castleton 185249Castleton FYESYESR
537I13655Crossley, Harold Haroldabout 1883Oldham   MYESYESR
538I17765Crossley, James James1857Burnley   MYESYESR
539I8790Crossley, Joseph Josephabout 1846Keighley   MYESYESR
540I10599Crossley, Nanny Nannyabout 1834Stainland   FYESYESR
541I810Crossley, Sarah Sarah9 September 1774Thornhill   FYESYESR
542I19490Crossley, William William1856Walsden   MYESYESR
543I10484Crossman, Annie Annieabout 1867Oldham   FYESYESR
544I358Crost, Edith Edithabout 1830England   FYESYESR
545I24391Crothers, Elsie Elsie26 April 1898   FYESYESR
546I7520Croucher, Kathleen Annie Kathleen Annie15 July 1910York   FYESYESR
547I516Crowder, Isabella Isabellaabout 1866Sheffield 29 November 195387Paignton FYESY100R
548I16536Crowe, Harriot Ada Harriot Ada31 July 1876Ontario 4 September 193862Mirror Lake FYESY100R
549I18835Crowle, Harriet Harrietabout September 1868St Austell 14 December 192355Westcliff-on-Sea FYESY100R
550I9787Crowther, Abraham Abrahamabout 1848Liversedge   MYESYESR
551I19130Crowther, Alfred Alfred26 November 1907   MYESYESR
552I19131Crowther, Anthony Elam Anthony Elam1940Upper Abrigg 4 September 200969Koroni MY100Y100
553I13451Crowther, Clara Claraabout 1873Wibsey   FYESYESR
554I6167Crowther, ELIZABETH ELIZABETHabout 1856Stansfield - YKS   FYESYESR
555I7810Crowther, Grace Ann Grace Annabout 1867Sowerby Bridge 5 January 194073Sowerby Bridge FYESY100R
556I24806Crowther, Harriet Harriet1907 193427Halifax FYESY100R
557I15487Crowther, Henry Henry1833Cleckheaton   MYESYESR
558I4023Crowther, JANE JANEabout 1846Southowram - YKS 3 April 192276Bradford FYESY100R
559I24808Crowther, Jessie Jessie21 May 1904   FYESYESR
560I5560Crowther, MARTHA A MARTHA Aabout 1846Liversedge - YKS   FYESYESR
561I9832Crowther, Mary Maryabout 1870Liverpool   FYESYESR
562I10507Crowther, Samuel Samuelabout 1877South Crossland   MYESYESR
563I14254Crowther, William Williamabout 1888Hunslet   MYESYESR
564I50Crump, Esther Mary Esther Maryabout 1848Derby DBY 31 March 192981Birmingham FYESY100R
565I5383Cryer, Ann Ann   FYESYESR
566I20674Cryer, Morris Morris1866Luddenden Foot   MYESYESR
567I9329Cuff, Marion Eva Marion Evaabout 1873Clifton 18 January 193360Enfield FYESY100R
568I798Cullen, Dorothy Dorothyabout 1842Ireland   FYESYESR
569I10301Culpan, Harry Harryabout 1860Burnley   MYESYESR
570I19266Culpan, James Harrison James Harrison   MYESYESR
571I19677Culpan, James Harrison James Harrison1876Halifax   MYESYESR
572I9011Culshaw, Annie Annieabout 1876Liverpool   FYESYESR
573I6700Culverhouse, HARRIET HARRIETabout 1847Paddington - MDX   FYESYESR
574I18304Cumblidge, Hannah Hannah   FYESYESR
575I10044Cummins, Ann Annabout 1773   FYESYESR
576I11834Cummins, Benjamin Benjaminabout 1844Leeds   MYESYES
577I12106Cummins, Ethel Ethelabout 1882Manchester   FYESYESR
578I11830Cummins, John Johnabout 1806Leeds   MYESYESR
579I11832Cummins, Sarah Sarahabout 1827   FYESYES
580I11833Cummins, William Williamabout 1834   MYESYES
581I6694CUNDALL, HANNAH HANNAHabout 1810Nun Monkton - YKS 10 April 188575Nun Monckton FYESYESR
582I3065Cunliffe, Maggie Maggieabout 1874Burnley 29 May 195480Burnley FYESY100R
583I21048Cunningham, David David1874Bradford   MYESYESR
584I13670Currie, Eliza Elizaabout 1880Seaham Harbour 195777Newcastle on Tyne FYESY100R
585I11992Currie, Millicent Millicentabout 1884Liverpool   FYESYESR
586I4387CURTIS, Alice Alice   FYESYESR
587I8726Curtis, Kate Elizabeth Kate Elizabethabout 1869Patrington 14 May 194374Hornsey FYESY100R
588I7977Curzon, Samuel Samuelabout 1815Foulsham 18 June 189782Neatishead MYESYESR
589I15354Cussons, Esther Estherabout 1747 11 April 182780London FYESYESR
590I21203Cusworth, Clara Clara1858New Wortley 189032Leeds FYESYES
591I21207Cusworth, George George1830Felkirk   MYESYESR
592I21208Cusworth, Sam Sam1862Leeds 15 January 193472Headingley MYESY100
593I20032Cutler, Phoebe Phoebe1856Salterforth   FYESYES
594I8085Cutler, Reuben Reubenabout 1870Thornhill Lees 21 May 194676Leeds MYESY100R
595I20031Cutler, Sarah Sarah1855Colne   FYESYES
596I20030Cutler, William William1830 185525Burnley MYESYESR
Given Names
Total Names : 596
Hidden : 62