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The Binns Family
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Earliest Birth Year
Emily Mary Binns  (I13380)  
Birth 22 November 197 Rastrick, Yorks
Latest Birth Year
Earliest Death Year Ann Binns  (I5375)  
Birth 1690 Baildon, Otley, YKS

Death 1694 Baildon, Otley, YKS
Latest Death Year John Antony Kidd  (I931)  
Birth 5 March 1944 Winwick, Warrington, Cheshire

Death 25 April 2020 Manchester, Lancs
Person who lived the longest
Sarah L Binns  (I3380)  
Birth about January 1891 Birstwith, Hampsthwaite, YKS

Death 25 May 2018
Average age at death
Family with the most children
Jonathan Binns + Anne Verney Stokes  (F1625)  
Marriage 3 December 1764 Ireland
Average number of children per family

Most Common Surnames
Ackroyd, Allen, Armitage, Atkinson, Bailey, Barker, BINNS, Booth, Bottomley, Bradley, Brown, Clark, Crabtree, Davis, Dawson, Dixon, Drake, Feather, Green, Greenwood, Hall, Harrison, Hartley, Heaton, Higgins, Hill, Hodgson, Holmes, Jackson, JOHNSON, Jones, Jowett, Kershaw, Lister, Longbottom, Marsden, Marshall, Martin, Mitchell, Moore, Nichols, Parker, Pearson, Penn, Pickles, Rhodes, Richardson, Riley, Roberts, Robinson, Shackleton, Shaw, Smith, Spencer, Sutcliffe, Sykes, Taylor, Thompson, Thornton, Townend, Trigg, Turner, Walker, Ward, Watson, Whitaker, White, Whitehead, Wilkinson, Wilson, Wood, Wright
Turkish Binns
10 April 2018 - 2:16:54pm

James Binns, (born Leeds, 1817), and his wife Ann Longbottom, raised a family in Turkey. His great grandson Victor Middleton Binns collected much information about his relations, including connections in South Africa. Although the copy I have of Victor's documents is barely legible in places, I have attempted to add the pertinent data and details to the web site.
Any comments, corrections, or additions will be welcome.
Don't forget that most of the interesting information about individuals is revealed when you click on "notes"
David Binns
Hipperholme, Lightcliffe and Amesbury
1 August 2015 - 2:52:16pm

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of Mark McDermott many photographs and memorabilia of the Binns family that dates back to 1757 in Hipperholme have been added to the archive. In particular they relate to the descendants of Lewis Binns and his wife Gertrude Womersley
Mrs Maria Binns I7041
5 February 2015 - 11:56:11am

The Power of Advertising

1901 Nov 28 Manchester Evening News: Amusing testimonial by Mrs Maria Binns of Hanover Street, Bolton Row, Sowerby Bridge, in praise of Charles Fordes Bile Beans

1902 Jan 7 Probate at Wakefield of Maria Binns late of 28 Hanover Street, Sowerby Bridge, widow who died 26 Oct 1901 at 70 Raymond Street, Parkside Road, Bradford to; John Shaw Holland, insurance agent; Jane Ellen Barber (wife of Benjamin Barber); and Lilly Ann dyer (wife of John Summersgill Dyer). £493
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The Binns Family

6 June 2020 - 8:16:16am
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On This Day ...
Binns, Harry Harry6 June 198931Death 
Binns, Ida Ida6 June 198436Death 
BINNS, Stuart Lester Stuart Lester6 June 198040Death 
Binns, Amelia Amelia6 June 197050Death 
BINNS, JOHN Albert JOHN Albert6 June 195961Death 
BINNS, Olive Josephine Raine Olive Josephine Raine6 June 195565Death 
BINNS, ADA ADA6 June 194080Death 
Binns, Emma Emma6 June 192991Death 
Binns, Emma Jane Emma Jane6 June 1918102Birth 
Groves, James James6 June 1916104Death 
Binns, Clara Clara6 June 1913107Birth 
Binns, Leslie Moxon Leslie Moxon6 June 1911109Birth 
Bailey, Winifred Ada Winifred Ada6 June 1905115Birth 
Binns, Alwyne Alfred Edwin Alwyne Alfred Edwin6 June 1904116Christening 
Binns, Noel Kelfield Noel Kelfield6 June 1903117Birth 
Binns, Angas Richard Angas Richard6 June 1901119Christening 
Binns, Hilda Mary Hilda Mary6 June 1898122Birth 
Binns, George George6 June 1896124Christening 
BINNS, JAMES JAMES6 June 1892128Death 
Binns, Amelia Amelia6 June 1886134Birth 
Heney, Grace Elizabeth Grace Elizabeth6 June 1885135Birth 
BINNS, William Henry William Henry6 June 1882138Birth 
Rushworth, Alice Alice6 June 1881139Birth 
BINNS, Elizabeth Elizabeth6 June 1875145Death 
Taylor, Thomas Henry Thomas Henry6 June 1875145Birth 
BINNS, Abraham Abraham6 June 1873147Burial 
Binns, Emily Gertrude Emily Gertrude6 June 1869151Christening 
BINNS, Martha Martha6 June 1855165Birth 
Binns, Joseph Joseph6 June 1829191Christening 
Binns, David David6 June 1826194Christening 
BINNS, Betty Betty6 June 1824196Christening 
NORMINGTON, Mary Mary6 June 1824196Birth 
BINNS, HENRY HENRY6 June 1819201Christening 
BINNS, Eliza Eliza6 June 1817203Christening 
Binns, Ann D Ann D6 June 1793227Birth 
BINNS, John John6 June 1786234Christening 
BINNS, Robert
Stott, Mary Ann
Robert6 June 1908112Marriage 
Angas, Mabel
RICHARD Edward6 June 1900120Marriage 
Macbeth, Robert
BINNS, Mary Ann
Robert6 June 1887133Marriage 
BINNS, James
Illingworth, Mary
James6 June 1863157Marriage 
Binns, John
Smith, Elizabeth
John6 June 1784236Marriage 
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