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The Binns Family
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Earliest Birth Year John Binns  (I5376)  
Birth 1679 Baildon, Otley, YKS

Death 3 February 1768 Baildon, Otley, YKS
Latest Birth Year
Earliest Death Year Ann Binns  (I5375)  
Birth 1690 Baildon, Otley, YKS

Death 1694 Baildon, Otley, YKS
Latest Death Year Derek Frank Simmonds  (I6087)  
Birth 8 May 1927 High Wycombe

Death 22 January 2015 York
Person who lived the longest
Elizabeth Gardner  (I15905)  
Birth 1858

Death 1960
Average age at death
Family with the most children
Jonathan Binns + Anne Verney Stokes  (F1625)  
Marriage 3 December 1764 Ireland
Average number of children per family

Most Common Surnames
BINNS, Brown, Hall, Hill, Holmes, JOHNSON, Marsden, RHODES, Robinson, Shaw, Smith, SUTCLIFFE, Taylor, Townend, Walker, Whitaker, Whitehead, Wilkinson, Wilson, Wright
Mrs Maria Binns I7041
5 February 2015 - 11:56:11am

The Power of Advertising

1901 Nov 28 Manchester Evening News: Amusing testimonial by Mrs Maria Binns of Hanover Street, Bolton Row, Sowerby Bridge, in praise of Charles Fordes Bile Beans

1902 Jan 7 Probate at Wakefield of Maria Binns late of 28 Hanover Street, Sowerby Bridge, widow who died 26 Oct 1901 at 70 Raymond Street, Parkside Road, Bradford to; John Shaw Holland, insurance agent; Jane Ellen Barber (wife of Benjamin Barber); and Lilly Ann dyer (wife of John Summersgill Dyer). £493
Turkish Binns
25 February 2012 - 10:46:43am

James Binns, (born Leeds, 1817), and his wife Ann Longbottom, raised a family in Turkey. His great grandson Victor Middleton Binns collected much information about his relations, including connections in South Africa. Although the copy I have of Victors documents is barely legible in places, I have attempted to add the pertinent data and details to the web site.
Any comments, corrections, or additions will be welcome.
Don't forget that most of the interesting information about individuals is revealed when you click on "notes"
David Binns
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The Binns Family

1 April 2015 - 4:20:25am
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Mitchell, Elizabeth Findlay Elizabeth FindlayApril 20069Death 
Binns, Dorothy DorothyApril 20069Death 
Binns, John JohnApril 198629Death 
Binns, Russell RussellApril 198431Death 
Colgrave, Godfrey GodfreyApril 198431Death 
BINNS, Clarence Reginald Clarence ReginaldApril 197243Death 
Doughman, Rose RoseApril 197243Death 
Poindexter, Rosa Kathleen Rosa KathleenApril 196352Death 
Binns Jr, Charles Wilkinson Charles WilkinsonApril 196154Death 
Binns, Leonard Newton Leonard Newtonabout April 195560Death 
Binns, Elna Gertrude Elna Gertrudeabout April 191699Birth 
Binns, Gerald R Gerald Rabout April 1913102Birth 
Binns, Frances J Frances Jabout April 1911104Birth 
Binns, Edna Ednaabout April 1910105Birth 
Hurt, Nellie May Nellie MayApril 1909106Birth 
Binns, Clifford CliffordApril 1906109Death 
Binns, Ernest ErnestApril 1904111Birth 
BINNS, Alice Aliceabout April 1901114Birth 
Binns, Patience PatienceApril 1899116Death 
BINNS, Margaret Margaretabout April 1899116Birth 
Binns, James A James Aabout April 1897118Birth 
Binns, Ward Dixon Ward Dixonabout April 1896119Birth 
Binns, Vernon G Vernon Gabout April 1894121Birth 
Binns, Maude R Maude Rabout April 1893122Birth 
BINNS, George Georgeabout April 1891124Birth 
Binns, Tom Tomabout April 1891124Birth 
Naylor, Granville Granvilleabout April 1891124Birth 
Binns, Ira Sylvan Ira Sylvanabout April 1890125Birth 
Holmes, SARAH SARAHApril 1890125Death 
Binns, Eva E Eva EApril 1888127Birth 
BINNS, NATHAN NATHANApril 1887128Death 
McCollum, Pearl Mae Pearl MaeApril 1883132Birth 
Binns, James William James Williamabout April 1880135Birth 
Wall, Eleanor B Eleanor Babout April 1880135Birth 
Folkes, Marrie E Marrie Eabout April 1877138Birth 
Williams, Lucy or Eleanor Lucy or Eleanorabout April 1875140Birth 
Binns, Lorin Lorinabout April 1875140Birth 
Binns, Russell Jordan Russell Jordanabout April 1874141Birth 
Binns, Henry John Charles Henry John CharlesApril 1871144Birth 
Binns, Rosetta Rosettaabout April 1871144Birth 
(unknown), Catherine CatherineApril 1871144Birth 
Binns, Henry B Henry Babout April 1870145Birth 
Ball, Frank Frankabout April 1869146Birth 
Binns, Emma Jane Emma JaneApril 1868147Death 
Binns, Sarah SarahApril 1867148Death 
BINNS, Joseph JosephApril 1866149Death 
BINNS, Frederick K Frederick KApril 1866149Birth 
BINNS, Franklin FranklinApril 1863152Birth 
Kizer, Lulah Lulahabout April 1863152Birth 
BINNS, SAMUEL SAMUELabout April 1863152Birth 
BINNS, Mary Elizabeth Mary ElizabethApril 1859156Death 
BINNS, James JamesApril 1858157Christening 
BINNS, James JamesApril 1858157Birth 
Ford, Lois B Lois Babout April 1843172Birth 
Binns, Ann Annabout April 1839176Birth 
Binns, Mary MaryApril 1834181Death 
Binns, Isaac IsaacApril 1830185Christening 
Sage, Abraham Abrahamabout April 1813202Birth 
Binns, Samuel SamuelApril 1804211Death 
Ive, Sally SallyApril 1804211Death 
Binns, Hannah HannahApril 1795220Death 
Binns, Robert RobertApril 1764251Death 
Cheale, Peter Charles Peter Charles1 April 199718Death 
Cave, Vera Veraabout 1 April 199124Death 
Binns, Jack Leroy Jack Leroy1 April 198431Death 
BINNS, JOSEPH JOSEPH1 April 191699Death 
Binns, Hilda Mary Hilda Mary1 April 1903112Birth 
Binns, Robert Buckle Robert Buckle1 April 1901114Birth 
Binns, Thomas Thomas1 April 1896119Burial 
Flint, William Clapham William Clapham1 April 1892123Death 
BINNS, RICHARD RICHARD1 April 1891124Death 
BINNS, James Stanley James Stanley1 April 1885130Birth 
BINNS, EDITH Evelyn EDITH Evelyn1 April 1873142Christening 
BINNS, Benson Benson1 April 1871144Death 
BINNS, ALICE Ann ALICE Ann1 April 1868147Birth 
Binns, Frances Mary Frances Mary1 April 1863152Birth 
King, Fred Binns Fred Binns1 April 1860155Birth 
(unknown), Elizabeth Elizabeth1 April 1859156Death 
BINNS, Betty Betty1 April 1838177Birth 
BINNS, Charles Charles1 April 1821194Christening 
BINNS, Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth Sarah1 April 1811204Birth 
Binns, John John1 April 1799216Death 
Lancashire, George
Binns, Sarah Anne
GeorgeApril 1847168Marriage 
Cheetham, Joseph
BINNS, SARAH Hollingworth
Joseph1 April 1901114Marriage 
Robinson, ANN
JACOB1 April 1856159Marriage 
Dodd, Joseph Josiah
Binns, Harriet
Joseph Josiah1 April 1850165Marriage 
Binns, John
Cryer, Ann
John1 April 1678337Marriage 
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