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Earliest Birth Year John Binns  (I5376)  
Birth 1679 -- Baildon, Otley, YKS

Death 3 February 1768 -- Baildon, Otley, YKS
Latest Birth Year
Earliest Death Year Ann Binns  (I5375)  
Birth 1690 -- Baildon, Otley, YKS

Death 1694 -- Baildon, Otley, YKS
Latest Death Year Walter Scott Binns III  (I16916)  
Birth 21 June 1969 -- Lancaster, California, USA

Death 27 September 2013 -- Bakersfield, California, USA
Person who lived the longest
Elizabeth Gardner  (I15905)  
Birth 1858

Death 1960
Average age at death
Family with the most children
Jonathan Binns + Anne Verney Stokes  (F1625)  
Marriage 3 December 1764 -- Ireland
Average number of children per family

Most Common Surnames
BINNS, Brown, Hall, Hill, Holmes, JOHNSON, Marsden, RHODES, Robinson, Shaw, Smith, SUTCLIFFE, Taylor, Townend, Walker, Whitaker, Whitehead, Wilkinson, Wilson, Wright
Turkish Binns
25 February 2012 - 10:46:43am

James Binns, (born Leeds, 1817), and his wife Ann Longbottom, raised a family in Turkey. His great grandson Victor Middleton Binns collected much information about his relations, including connections in South Africa. Although the copy I have of Victors documents is barely legible in places, I have attempted to add the pertinent data and details to the web site.
Any comments, corrections, or additions will be welcome.
Don't forget that most of the interesting information about individuals is revealed when you click on "notes"
David Binns
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The Binns Family

1 October 2014 - 9:19:57pm
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BINNS, Peggy Dorothy Peggy DorothyOctober 20086Death 
Binns, Dorothea DorotheaOctober 200014Death 
Binns, Mary MaryOctober 199222Death 
Binns, Alfred James Alfred Jamesabout October 198034Death 
Binns, Harry HarryOctober 197242Death 
Binns, Cleta Marie Cleta MarieOctober 193480Birth 
Binns, John Clifford John CliffordOctober 193183Death 
Walker, MARY Elizabeth MARY ElizabethOctober 193084Death 
BINNS, WILLIAM WILLIAMOctober 1913101Death 
BINNS, Ruth Ruthabout October 1910104Birth 
Binns, Opal M Opal Mabout October 1909105Birth 
BINNS, Harriet Harrietabout October 1909105Birth 
Binns, Harold Leroy Harold LeroyOctober 1904110Birth 
Whittaker, John Johnabout October 1902112Birth 
Binns, Frederick Gordon Frederick GordonOctober 1902112Birth 
Bower, Rosanna RosannaOctober 1901113Death 
Binns, Laurence Laurenceabout October 1900114Birth 
Binns, Dora Doraabout October 1900114Birth 
BINNS, Cecil Harry Cecil Harryabout October 1900114Birth 
Binns, Isaac Isaacabout October 1900114Birth 
Binns, Nellie Nellieabout October 1900114Birth 
BINNS, Milner MilnerOctober 1899115Death 
Binns, Spencer L Spencer Labout October 1899115Birth 
Binns, Roy C Roy Cabout October 1896118Birth 
Binns, John JohnOctober 1894120Burial 
Binns, Richard Henry Richard Henryabout October 1891123Birth 
BINNS, Thomas Thomasabout October 1890124Birth 
BINNS, Ada Lavinia Ada Laviniaabout October 1890124Birth 
BINNS, Mary Maryabout October 1890124Birth 
BINNS, George Georgeabout October 1890124Birth 
Binns, Margaret Margaretabout October 1889125Birth 
Binns, Ruby P Ruby Pabout October 1887127Death 
Binns, Carl Edward Carl Edwardabout October 1883131Birth 
BINNS, Louisa A Louisa Aabout October 1882132Birth 
BINNS, Ethel Ethelabout October 1880134Birth 
Dixon, Joseph Binns Joseph Binnsabout October 1880134Birth 
BINNS, Joseph Josephabout October 1878136Birth 
Binns, Clara Claraabout October 1877137Birth 
BINNS, Julia ANNIE Julia ANNIEOctober 1872142Birth 
Binns, John Carlisle John CarlisleOctober 1872142Death 
BINNS, AMY AMYabout October 1871143Birth 
BINNS, Tom Tomabout October 1871143Birth 
BINNS, Annie Annieabout October 1870144Birth 
Grundy, Ann Annabout October 1870144Birth 
Swallow, Thomas Edward Binns Thomas Edward Binnsabout October 1870144Birth 
BINNS, Alice AliceOctober 1870144Death 
Binns, Amy Amyabout October 1870144Birth 
Binns, John Johnabout October 1868146Birth 
(unknown), Margaret J Margaret JOctober 1868146Birth 
Mort, Edith EdithOctober 1866148Birth 
Row, Cornelia Bell Cornelia Bellabout October 1863151Birth 
Meirs, Ida Idaabout October 1862152Birth 
Binns, Mathew Mathewabout October 1861153Birth 
BINNS, Mary Hannah Mary Hannahabout October 1860154Birth 
Binns, Squire Squireabout October 1860154Birth 
Binns, Frederick Frederickabout October 1860154Birth 
Stephenson, Enoch Enochabout October 1860154Birth 
Binns, James Jamesabout October 1860154Birth 
BINNS, FIRTH FIRTHabout October 1860154Birth 
Binns, George Henry Havelock George Henry HavelockOctober 1859155Death 
Binns, Eustace Kirby Eustace KirbyOctober 1852162Birth 
BINNS, SARAH Ann SARAH Annabout October 1850164Birth 
Wales, Alfred Alfredabout October 1848166Birth 
(unknown), Harriet Harrietabout October 1846168Birth 
Binns, Richard Smith Richard SmithOctober 1845169Death 
Binns, Walter Walterabout October 1840174Birth 
Binns, Walter George Walter Georgeabout October 1839175Birth 
BINNS, Elizabeth Elizabethabout October 1839175Birth 
BINNS, Mary Ann Mary AnnOctober 1837177Christening 
Binns, Eliza ElizaOctober 1816198Death 
Binns, Samuel SamuelOctober 1802212Birth 
Binns, William WilliamOctober 1788226Birth 
Lund, Alice AliceOctober 1782232Birth 
Binns, Jemima Jemima1 October 192886Death 
Binns, Dulcie Evelyn Dulcie Evelyn1 October 1910104Birth 
BINNS, Beatrice Malvina Beatrice Malvina1 October 1907107Birth 
1 October 1881133Birth 
BINNS, Ann or Annie Ann or Annie1 October 1876138Christening 
BINNS, Elizabeth Elizabeth1 October 1876138Christening 
BINNS, MARTHA MARTHA1 October 1876138Christening 
BINNS, William William1 October 1865149Death 
Hamilton, Archibald Douglas Archibald Douglas1 October 1861153Birth 
BINNS, Thompson Thompson1 October 1851163Christening 
BINNS, James James1 October 1844170Death 
Binns, Jemima Jemima1 October 1844170Birth 
Binns, Sarah Sarah1 October 1843171Christening 
Binns, Martha Judson Martha Judson1 October 1839175Birth 
BINNS, Margaret Booth Margaret Booth1 October 1828186Christening 
Hutt, William T
Binns, Lily Gertrude
William TOctober 1913101Marriage 
Lawson, Francis R
Binns, Barbara Alice
Francis R1 October 193876Marriage 
Binns, Curtis MacDonald
Boyle, Carol
Curtis MacDonald1 October 193579Marriage 
Holmes, Frank Murgatroyd
Frank Murgatroyd1 October 1885129Marriage 
Binns, Manasseh
Hall, Sarah
Manasseh1 October 1861153Marriage 
BINNS, Jonas
Jonas1 October 1724290Marriage 
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